Comic Updated and Interview link!!

||Chapter 10 Page 3 Comic Update||

Hi guys! I’m feeling more like a functioning human again after having battled with whatever bug/virus is plaguing my system right now. Apparently there are like 3 different virus flying around our city so yay for winter time ^^;

Anywhoo the comic has been updated on my patreon and on my website! I also had to honor to be interviewed by the talented writer Ms. Daniélle A. She was kind enough to create a blog post talking about my comic on her website Strange Nonfiction : Diversity in literature and celebration of the unique

She was kind enough to reach out to me in the comment section (I love reading all of your comments, even when my awkward self isn’t sure how to respond I do read them all and it just brings a smile to my face!) to give me the opportunity to be interviewed and she even did such a sweet and encouraging write up of my comic Love! Love! Fighting!

I really appreciate all the love and support you all give me and I re-read things like her interview whenever I need a burst of energy! I’m hoping to add a link section sharing all of the website interviews that I had the honor to be apart of once I update my website layout.

Until then I hope you all enjoy today’s comic update and the write up/interview the Danielle did of my work!

I’m off to stick my feet by the heater because it’s freezing over here.


Comic Updated & Patreon news!

January 7, 2017

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