Comic Updated & Patreon news!

The next page in Love! Love! Fighting! has been updated! We are now in Volume 3, the final volume and I’m so excited!

I wanted to send a big Thank you to all of you who have been sharing and leaving comments because they really help keep me encouraged to keep on creating. I hope to be able to print out these nice comments and stick them on my encouragement board so that when I feel down I can just look up and read them and get recharged!

Also thanks to my patreon supporters we are so close to our next goal of 3 page update! Right now I’m updating 2 pages each week on Patreon and when I finish up the kids homeschool work I will be able to start updating more frequently on my main website as well but for now Patreon is the most up to date platform where you can read the most recent comic pages.

I really want to update my website layout because some of the images aren’t appearing like they should be and I’m not sure why. I hope you all enjoy today’s update! You can click the link below to be taken to todays comic page or my patreon page:



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Volume 2 Fully Posted online!

December 25, 2016

Comic Updated and Interview link!!

December 25, 2016