Comic Updated and October Snackfever review!

Comic Updated and October Snackfever review!

I’m back with another comic update and I’m finally able to post up my review on last months Snackfever snack box!

This time I’ll post up pictures of all the different treats that we got for the October box and tell you guys more about them that way <3 I hope you guys enjoy todays post and my attempt at taking photo’s of the snacks with the help of my twin boys <3

Let’s go ahead and tear into these tasty treats <3


I think I’ve seen others say how the choco-pie remind them of the moon-pies that you can get at the store or gas station but for me I didn’t really like the moon-pies as a little girl but these choco-pies are the bomb! I really enjoyed the semi-chewy texture of the Marshmallow that was inbetween the soft spongy chocolate covered cakes <3

Personal taste rating: 8/10


Miz Black:

I’m not a huge chocolate fan because sometimes it can taste overly sweet to me, though I don’t really like dark chocolate either ^^; but these had a nice chocolate cereal taste that didn’t seem to overpower it. I ended up using these for the kids math and easy bribery for them to finish they’re school work ^^;

Personal taste rating: 9/10


These where nice little shortbread cookies that had a faint sweet vanilla/semi-almond flavor to them. Nothing really stood out special about these cookies but they were still tasty to munch on

Personal taste rating: 8/10


Baked Potatoe sticks:

Now with these I was a little confused with what I was tasting based on what the package said it was and it was a sort of nice confusion! It has a light honey flavor but it’s a potato biscuit stick, it also had a cheese flavor too! So a honey, cheese, flavored potato biscuit stick….I liked it XD!

Personal taste rating: 8/10

Sae Kom Dal Kom & Plum Candy:

Let me tell you about these candies, now I wasn’t sure how the first two would taste so I just ripped it open and let the kids taste a tiny bite then popped it in my mouth and my taste buds where hit with so much flavor! I loved the chewy but still taffy like texture! I ended up eating the other candy by myself~ I did share the Plum candy with the kids, it had a nice sweet taste too it but I don’t think that it packed much of a flavor punch like the other candy did!

Personal taste rating: 10/10

Dark Chocolate Pepero:

For this months box, since it was coming up on the month of November and November 11th is Pepero day, they included different pepero boxes with this package and we had the dark chocolate one. I liked the nice bittersweet flavor of these biscuits sticks though I was a little worried about how it would taste since I don’t like dark chocolate ^^; but these were nice!

Personal taste rating: 8/10

Jardin Moca Cappuccino:

I haven’t tried this yet but I plan on saving this for later <3 I’ve recently started to get into drinking black coffee.

Personal taste rating: TBD

Kkolkal Corn:

Now these chips reminded me of Bugels! I loved how it had a nice spicy kick to it after eating just a few, it’s not very spicy…’s more like a little nudge then a kick, like you know it’s there but it’s not that obvious to where I need water and for me that’s what made them more addictive! It also had a light sweet taste to it, sort of like how BBQ chips have a faint sweet taste.

Personal taste rating: 9/10

Me and the children really enjoyed these snacks and being able to use them for a visual aid for their math lesson is also a plus! This gives mommy an excuse to keep buying more since it’s for the children….not my sweetooth…..okay it’s like 50/50 for me and the kids but more so me~


For anyone that wants to try out this Snackfever for themselves feel free to stop by their awesome site! They also have a discount code $3 off your first box: NEWMEMBER15
So you can add that code to your order and get your first box for $17 and all of there boxes have free shipping~ Even for their normal price of $20 it’s still a steal since you get to try out so many fun and tasty treats!

Korean Snack box!

November 21, 2015

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November 21, 2015