Korean Snack box!

Korean Snack box!

First off I want to start this post by letting you all know that the comic has been update <3 So go ahead and catch up reading where you might have left off!

Now on to something super, duper, DELICIOUS! I finally caved and tried out my first subscription box! I’ve seen some of the other snack subscription boxes but since I wanted to do this for research purpose for the comic (it’s true, totally a logical and responsible business like buy! XD) so I’ve was curious to see if there was an actual korean snack box out there and lookie at what I found!

SNACKFEVER! I’ve been watching them on facebook and I saw that they interacted with the comments that they received and seemed like a very friendly company so I took the plunge and ordered my September box. It didn’t take long for the package to arrive at all and they had a discount code to offer for first time buyers, which was also great, seeing how the box is only $20 and free shipping I have no complaints over here <3

I’ll post up more pictures over on our facebook business page for you all to check out because I don’t want to make this post too picture heavy.

Now for the September box they were giving away special little gifts and I received this adorable letter opener/bookmark/hair pin


I wear my hair in it’s natural curly state but I might attempted to try to put my hair in a bun and see if this will be visible in the midst of my curls, if not then I have plant of books and sketchbooks to use this as a bookmark and tons of mail that can be opened.

On to the snacks in the box, I was a little worried about the taste because of some bad experiences that I had with bubble tea and this frozen rice bean paste bun thing that I had gotten curious about and bought at the store. So many people where going on about the bubble tea and how good it tasted or how addicted they were to it but when I tried it I was not too happy with the taste at all and thus the seed of doubt about others opinion on what tasted good was planted ^^; Also when I ate the frozen rice cake with the bean paste filling….well that didn’t turn out very well either, my little girl actually liked it but not so much me.

So because of my own poor judgment I’ve been a little afraid to try out any new snacks but I need to get out of my small food box and Oriana needs more snacks to eat and how can I know which snacks would fit her personality if I don’t try any? Thus the logical thing is to go ahead and take the plunge with this snack box!

Here are some pictures of what came inside the September box:

By the time I had received the box I was already in sore need of a break because I was getting a little stressed out with the kids homeschool lesson so this was a great way to take a break and get my mood back up.

I was super shocked with how neat the packaging was and all the different snacks that were inside, there was this one rice cake snack that definitely changed my opinion on red bean paste but that’s mostly because it had a chocolate paste mixed in with it.

20150924_114314Again I don’t want to overload this post with all the pictures that I took, so if you’d like to see the rest of the snacks hop on over to our facebook page.

For now I do want to talk about one of the items in the box that I was totally expecting to taste nasty and was definitely afraid to try and that was the milkis drink:

I was also unsure about the cheese flavored ramyun noodles, I’m not much of a cheese noodle person but what they hay let’s live life dangerously and try something new! So I popped these bad boys in some water and added some sausages and spicy pepper powder (cause I love meat and spicy noodles) and I have to say that these tasted not how I expected them too. They still tasted like ramyun noodles but with just a faint taste of cheese. I wouldn’t mind having another bowl of that right about now.

To see the rest of the pictures feel free to hop on over to our facebook page! Also if you guys enjoyed today’s blog post update and would like for me to do another snack box review/sharing type post go ahead and like our facebook page or leave a comment below!

If any of you would like to order your very own snackfever box they do have a refer a friend program and you can feel free to go ahead and sign up with them through my referral link :


If 3 people sign up through our referral link then they’ll give us a free snack box and me and the babies will be happy to share more pictures of us eating the yummy treats or possibly do a video!

Also speaking of videos (I got a lot going on in today’s post huh? XD) For anyone that would like to see my process chibi doodle video that’s featured on the front page for today’s blog post update go ahead and watch the video below or hop on over to our Youtube page~

I think that’s all for now! Thank you again so much everyone for stopping by and I hope you all have a great weekend!

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