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Hi everyone! I’m back with another update and I’ve been seeing reports about places being hit with heavy snow so I hope you all are staying safe and hopefully warm!

Something kind of adorable happened a few days ago and I wanted to turn it into a chibi comic but I thought that I could at least tell you all about it before I draw it up.

So my husband had called me and was telling about a commercial he saw about loving your curly hair and he told me how sad it had made him when he saw the little girls in the video pulling on their hair because they didn’t like their curls and wanted it straight. He never realized that this was something that was a problem and it really hit home to him and he told me how happy he was that I was teaching Queenie (we call our little girl Queenie but her real name is Elizabeth) to love her curly hair and he wanted to show her that video when he got home and I was so happy to hear what she said when she first saw the girl with curly hair in the video and she said that her hair was beautiful. I want her to love her hair texture and also appreciate other beautiful hair textures out there. Some might not be able to have hair on our head but with whatever God has put on our head it was something that he liked and saw was beautiful. He created us with curly hair, coily hair, straight hair, wavy hair, all types of different and mismatched hair textures.

Me and my husband have been married about 6 years and it will be 7 this March and for the first 3 or so years of our marriage my husband had no clue that my hair wasn’t naturally straight. It wasn’t until we got on a water ride at king’s island and I got soaked to the bone and my hair curled right back up and at first I was extremely self-couscous but because it was dark outside I didn’t mind too much. We went and got some funnel cakes and I sat that the bench enjoying my funnel cake and the fire works at the amusement park and my husband told me how beautiful I looked while I sat there with my afro all curly and free while watching the fireworks. For the type of person that I am I didn’t believe him or just thought he was being nice and I still didn’t like having my hair in it’s natural curly state. It took some time to get used too but the thing that helped me the most on my curl journey was the support I received from a few of my loved ones, now not everyone was happy about me rocking my natural hair but being able to go on this curl journey together with my little girl has really made me so happy and I can say that I don’t plan on her ever having to go through the pain of ever thinking she isn’t pretty enough just the way she is and now that her dad also understands a little more it makes the journey a lot more fun.

Fairy Flower Princess

That’s one of the reasons why I try to include as many different hair types in my comic because representation matters for those of us who had no choice in the matter on what our natural hair would be and neither did we paint the skin that we have. You are beautiful, you are awesome, you are a wonderful taco-tastic human!

Also before I forget! I did a podcast with the awesome Michelle from The Swirl World. I’ve received messages and emails about dating and relationships and to be open, I stink when it comes to advice on relationships and such. It’s a surprise that my goofy self even is married with three kids so for those of you looking to find more info on interracial relationships and marriage you should definitely stop by there site! They are so nice and so much fun to talk to and have some many interesting and fund podcast to listen to so stop on over and say hi to them!

Comic Update, Happy FRIDAY!!

January 30, 2015

Comic Updated!

January 30, 2015

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  1. A chibi comic would be wonderful! And I totes understand the natural journey and being skeptical of someone who genuinely likes my hair…I’m so glad your daughter loves her hair just as it is 🙂

  2. First of all I love that picture. Second, I totally agree with loving your natural hair. I use stress over perms all the time then I was like “forget this” and cut it all off a went natural. So many people can have different hair and they should totally rock what they have. ; – )

    • Thank you for sharing your story Nicole! I used to get frustrated and stressed with perms so much because I hated the pain and some kind of way I always ‘sweated’ the perm out ^^; I think I should add a segment about perms in the story, like a funny little relate-able incident ^^

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