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Since I’ve finished a big milestone with my comic creating career (actually finishing a story/ full thought process/message) I’ve started to notice a few things about my story preferences. I really enjoy stories where the romance/love is sort of in the side line of the story and it’s more so about the characters reactions to things going on around them and instead of their love interest being the enzyme that causes more conflict and damage, they’re actually right along side them fighting with that conflict as well while supporting or encouraging each other.

Movies like The Mummy, where Evie and O’Connell do end up falling in love but their clashing views on things or bickering isn’t the main conflict of the story. They effortlessly work together to go against the main story conflict.
Or to reference another one of my favorite movies “Fun with Dick and Jane” (the one with Jim Carrey and Téa Leoni) they have a very big conflict to deal with when Dick loses his job and everything that the two of the worked hard to build up comes crumbling down around them. Now going through something like financial struggles in real life but what I really liked about this story is how even in the midst of the conflict and stress of the unknown then two didn’t turn on each other but each character learned how to address the conflict that they were both dealing with. The conflict wasn’t caused because of the two of them where together.

It’s hard for me to put this into words but I really enjoy stories where it’s not about two people falling in love then one finds out that the other is harboring some secrete or one cheats on the other or gets jealous about something. I don’t like stories like that, I can understand why others do because they see it as the two people overcoming obstacles together and deepening their bond or relationship, which is great because no pressure no diamonds but for me when I read stories I prefer the obstacles to be caused by outside events and watch as the two continue to stick together to overcome that. It’s heartbreaking to me to see two people who are together possibly split apart, two halves that becomes one whole but then are ripped apart, I don’t like stories like that.

Now this isn’t to say that stories like that are bad but we all have our own personal preference, that’s why for the stories that I like to read or stories that I hope to create, I want to see a different type of team work where either they come together even in the midst of the outside conflict to stop whatever disaster from happening (like in the mummy) or they have already been together but now they both have to face something unknown and scary but through it all their unwavering love between each other causes them to press through and try to find solid ground or comfort in the midst of the storm, like in the movie Fun with Dick and Jane, when Dick got that notice in the mail that they were going to lose their home and poor Jane’s face was all jacked up because she was taking part in the science skin care testing to help with the finances, so Dick finally snapped and went on a rampage through the neighborhood cutting and stealing pieces of lawn to give his family their lawn back. I liked how they didn’t turn on each other because of the conflict, Jane didn’t beat him down because he lost his job and he didn’t put more pressure on her but tried to make things better. They came together and tried to do whatever they could as a team to fix this problem.

I’m still very young and still have a lot to learn about stories and movies but this is something that I’ve started the realize about myself and my own personal preference with stories, now again not everyone will agree with this and that’s fine, you like what you like and I like what I like, I suppose this is just me sharing my own thoughts on my blog because…why not?

Anywhoo that’s enough of my storytelling talk, I hope you all enjoy todays update and I hope you go out and watch a movie that you enjoy, wether it’s about a love story with the conflict being between the two love interest or the conflict being about something else, go out and enjoy your friday!

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