Ch 5 01 ~ S-Morishitas Studio
Ch 5 01

Ch 5 01

Oh my gosh! I got so distracted with family and then livestreaming that I forgot to load up the draft of the next comic update Q^Q, I’m so sorry everyone!

I’ll also have something fun that I want to show you all but I’ll wait till either today or tomorrow to tell you about it ;D

And onwards to chapter 5!~

We did a tiny little time jump but trust me it was for a good cause! Everything will make a little more since so just hang in there with me <3 I have a lot of exciting things that I want to talk about but I don’t have the time to talk about them right now so I’ll have to save my happy little babble for later (hopefully I’ll still be in a perky mood by then ^^;) Okay that’s all for now =D I’ll be back later to tell you all about what’s got me so happy *and no it’s not related to me having a bun in the oven, each time I call my mom and tell her “Guess what?” then she’s like “Oh, God! You’re pregnant!” and it’s not the happy kind of Oh, God but the dreaded kind, like her world has just fallen apart and shes asking GOD for help, then I have to tell her to calm down and no I’m not pregnant, then we have a little silly argument about that then I go on to tell her the good news. So that’s why I say this isn’t related to me having a bun in the oven. I think I have enough buns already done and driving me c- *ahem* I mean……they are just little bundles of joy that make me experience new and interesting things ^^;


I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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