Ch 8 Page 10

Ch 8 Page 10

Right now on this site we are currently on chapter 8 of Volume 2 and on my Patreon site we are on Chapter 9 and creeping closer to chapter 10 of Volume 3!

I’m super excited to start to get Volume 3 posted and I’m trying to get the volume complete in time before I have to start the kids Homeschool and then all of my free time will be sucked away (for a good cause of course and I’ve been wanting to be able to put more time into helping my children advance more in the homeschool work so this is perfect <3) I’d love to do another kickstarter but because of the difficulty of me having to package and ship off every item it might be a little harder this time around so I’m probably going to see if there is a company that can help with that and if not then I’ll have to figure out something else to do for Volume 3 and how to get that into print.

After reading a comment that I received and thinking back over the point of my story and looking at the story outlined I realized that I was slowly losing focus of just telling Oriana’s story for beginning to end and so with that said I’ve readjusted the whole story script and condensed it down to help move the story line along in a more focused manner.

I’m still learning how to do better at job at storytelling and I’ve been sticking close to my favorite screen writing book by Brian McDonald called Invisible Ink, for any of my aspiring storytellers or comic artist out there I definitely recommend you checking out this book! I’ve struggled with trying to figure out the middle part of stories before and even trying to close stories out but this book helped me so much!

So with that being said Love! Love! Fighting! story should be finished up by Volume 4. The last thing that I want to do is have something that only keeps showing random events that these to characters get mixed up in and totally ignore advancing the story line; It’s because of your guys kind, insightful and helpful comments that I was able to catch this before it got way out of hand and then end up in the land of never finished comics due to burn out (which has happened to me and is still happening to me but I’m working on getting better and better.)

For the time being I’m going to work on getting Volume 3 finished hopefully before the end of this month and then after finishing up the kids homeschool finishes up for that year I want to work on the last Volume and then we’ll see what we will do from there <3


I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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