Ch1 7

Ch1 7

Unfortunately no one guessed the correct answer to the question on the last day but just as a thank you for participating *more so thanks to Blackopal and her hilarious questions and comment* I decided to go ahead and a two page update. I can’t figure out how to do two pages in one day with comicpress so for now I’ll have to upload the second page tomorrow so it’s kind of like a two day update….

Anyways have any of you come across this issue where people feel so inclined to start telling you about these miracle weight loss diets or articles? …no not you? Well aren’t you a lucky duck =.=
Since Oriana doesn’t like to waste her time on certain things she’s learned to just ignore people and walk away. “I don’t care. I just do-not-care.”-Oriana

Thank you for reading and feel free to leave me a comment. Who knows I might do another page update as a thank you ˚∆˚ Also don’t forget to help vote for Love! Love! Fighting! You’ll be able to see the rough draft of the next page before it’s posted.

I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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