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February 22, 2015

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February 22, 2015

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  1. Wahh~ That’s really harsh. I see myself in Oriana a lot. She wants to be alone but doesn’t want to be alone. And she has these walls up but in her heart she really wants someone to break them down.

  2. Wow…just wow! Her father was wrong for that. Someone please invent a device so that I can make me crawl through this computer and give Oriana a hug.

    Her father reminded me of when I was little and my dad live far way at the time. Though he didn’t live with us, I understood that my parents were never together. So, one day when I called him, I wasn’t surprised that a woman answered the phone. However, when I asked to speak to him, the woman rudely told me that he wasn’t there, that I didn’t need to be calling her man, and that she wasn’t fooled by some other b**ch calling the house looking for him just because I sounded like a little girl and hung up on me. You can imagine the affect that had on a child at about 7 years old. I honestly thought my dad had never told anyone else about me. Come to find out, like most parents, he barged about me to everyone he knew and trust the situation was taken care of. I, later, found out that the woman didn’t believe my dad when he told her he had a child. I really love Oriana because she is so relatable and I can’t wait to see how she pulls through. When you’ve hit rock bottom the only place to go it up, right? (Please tell me she has hit bottom. My eyes can’t stand anymore tears.)
    Good for Krisa for giving it the old college try but she is really going to need to give her a reality check from Oriana’s point of view to help. Oriana Fighting!

    What if she “Heard” you.


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