Ch7 Page 4

Ch7 Page 4

Hi everyone! I’m back again with another update and also a little announcement about a tiny min-series that I’m doing for a contest over at webtoon line! It’s in webtoon format and it’s been a lot of fun experimenting with new comic styles! It’s called Rescue me.

Rescue me comic

The mini series is going to be covering the topic of looking deeper past the mask and seeing the broken person inside. Growing up we have certain standards put on us, like never showing weakness, being independent, not needing anyone and we can do fine all by ourselves when in reality we are still human, our mental state can crack and shatter to pieces just like everyone else but we keep up a mask to hide our frailty. This mini-comic is going to be a short story about a young woman that everyone is convinced is an emotional, cold hearted, bad attitude ice berg and that’s the type of mask that she holds up to keep others away but her defense start to fall to pieces when a young man sees her at her darkest moment by accident and now she doesn’t know what to do because she feels even more worthless and exposed.

A part of it is judged by ratings and the comic popularity so for anyone that wants to read it and give it a happy little 5 star rating it would make me superrrrrrr happy <3 If not no worries, just enjoy the mini-series. Even if you aren’t able to give a rating or share I just hope that everyone can at least carry something from the story all together and understand the meaning behind it and know that you aren’t alone. We all go through mental battles and emotional rollercoasters but that’s one of the things that makes us human and makes us unique, we have a heart to feel and think and don’t feel bad about that. You be happy that you’re alive and enjoy your humanity and eat a yummy taco pizza! <3 That’s probably one of the best parts about being human, ordering pizza <3

P.S and nailahprice no jumping ship XD We’re sailing Team Jae-hwa x Oriana to the end hahahaha! I saw your comment and it made me laugh! Too cute!!

I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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