Creating Custom Speech Bubbles in Clip Studio Paint

Hey there! For todays webtoon artist ramble blog I wanted to talk about how I do my speech bubbles for my webtoon. I used to make my word ballon by hand but I prefer to now use the premade word ballon that clip studio paint offers in their asset area.

This doesn’t mean you have to use the premade word bubbles because you can totally create your own speech bubbles in Clip Studio Paint too! It allows you to give your characters more dialogue and personality than pre-made speech bubbles can.

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Making your own speech bubbles using the premade assets in Clip Studio Paint is a great way to give your characters more dialogue and personality because they have lots of different bubble variations from yelling to worry.

It’s simple to do, and it allows you to customize the speech bubbles to match your unique artistic style. Plus, creating your own speech bubbles can make your artwork more dynamic and interesting. You can also use the direct tool and edit the premade word ballon as well if you don’t like the shape of what they have available.

You can also create your own using a few different tools one being the word ballon pen tool but for me personally I struggle drawing the circle to not be too close to my words so again that’s another reason why I like using the premade ballon because they size to the font of my webtoon leaving enough space between the words and the word ballon sides. I like using a san-serf font called anime ace and wild word romans for my webtoon font.

For using the premade word ballon I can simple just click and drag to create a speech bubble in my webtoon panel from the material section under the windows tab.

To add text, just click inside the bubble and start typing! You can change the font, size, and color of your text to make it look just how you want.

While I am a big fan of the premade ballon there is one of great thing about making your own speech bubbles in Clip Studio Paint is that you have complete control over how they look.

You can change the shape and size of the bubbles, as well as the color and style of the borders and tails. This allows you to create speech bubbles that are truly unique and your own.

So why not give it a try and see which you like best? Making your own speech bubbles in Clip Studio Paint is a fun and easy way to give your characters more dialogue and personality.

And if you’re a comic artist starting a webtoon but not sure which drawing tools or software to use, be sure to check out my “How to start a webtoon for beginners” ebook! It’s full of helpful tips and advice for new comic artists who want to create their own webtoon. So download my ebook today and start making amazing webtoons with your own custom speech bubbles!

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