Alternative Software for Creating Webtoon Backgrounds

Are you looking to create webtoon backgrounds but don’t want to use Blender or Clip Studio Paint? Don’t worry, there are plenty of other options available! Here are a few software programs that you might want to try out:

  • SketchUp: SketchUp is a 3D modeling program that allows you to create detailed and complex backgrounds for your webtoons. It’s user-friendly and has a range of tools and features that make it easy to create the backgrounds you need.
  • ABLR is a great alternative to SketchUP by the company ACON3D. They make it possible to use skechup .skp files with the ABLR platform without needing to use SketchUP which is a great alternative for those who want to make a webtoon background but are overwhelmed by SketchUP.
  • Magic Poser App: Magic Poser is a mobile app that allows you to easily pose 3D models. This can be useful for creating dynamic character pose and interesting angels for your webtoons.
  • Easy Pose 3D Model Program: Easy Pose is a 3D model program that allows you to easily pose and manipulate 3D models. This can be useful for creating interesting and dynamic poses for your characters in your webtoons.
  • Krita: Krita is a free and open-source digital painting program that’s great for creating webtoons and you can also use it to draw your webtoon backgrounds as well. It has a wide range of tools and features that a lot of webtoon artist like to use because it is free to use, personally I don’t really like how the program runs on my computer but I’m not sure if that is the programs fault.
  • Ibispaint: is another free and open-source program that’s similar to Clip Studio Paint. It has a wide range of comic specific tools and features that allow you to create detailed and professional-looking backgrounds for your webtoons by using their anime background feature as well as their manga background feature.

Overall, there are several software options available for creating webtoon backgrounds. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, there’s likely a program out there that will suit your needs and help you create the backgrounds you need for your webtoons.

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