Final Preorder sale coming soon!

Hi everyone! Even though the kickstarter didn’t reach it’s goal I’ve received messages from so many of you wonderful readers to still try to do a print run for the final volume of Love! Love! Fighting! I’m happy to announce that the count down for the Pre-order launch day is coming soon! There will be an early bird special for those that order on the first day of the launch.

Feel free to bookmark our new storefront page, we’ve moved from storenvy because of the added on fees that they were charging our readers.

Preorder store front


The page count for the special 3-in-1 book is about 320+ and we’re planing on having the price be $30 for the preorder. For those that just want to order Vol 3 by itself that book will be 86 pages long and will cost $15

I’m still working on getting the files configured for my printers so the start date isn’t set yet but it will last for 2 weeks.

This preorder window will be the final full series print run of Love! Love! Fighting! Vol 1&2 will be available still on amazon but this will more than likely be the only time you can have the full book at a discounted price. (All 3 books separately would come up to a little over $40 not including shipping so if you preorder you can get over a 30% discount)

I will keep you all posted! Thank you all for your support and letting me know that you all still enjoy my stories  This is our first of many finished stories so I hope you will continue you come along with us on this whacky mother goose ride

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September 18, 2016

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September 18, 2016