Focusing my efforts on one channel*Weekly Update*

Focusing my efforts on one channel*Weekly Update*

After thinking this over and doing some research I finally stumbled upon a very successful and very informative website that really helped me to have a better insight on the type of path that I’m trying to take with my art and site.

As some of you might have know I closed out my DA account after having been on it for a while and I also backed away from mangabullet and now with my contract ending with I plan on removing all of my content off of that site and off of smackjeeves as well.

Now I know that some of you might not agree with my decision or may think that this was a bit rash but after reading around up on this article that was written by John Saddington of TentBlogger you can read it here because he words it a lot better than what I can right now. Here is a quote from his blog post that really helped open my eyes to the channel that I was looking for;

“Most simply, Facebook wasn’t providing any real value and I was certainly not providing much value in return. You could ask me what I thought about foot traffic (pageviews, clicks, referrals) via Facebook to my blogs and other properties and I’d say that although it was definitely a part of the overall traffic pattern it was beans comparatively to my other sources.

I’ll tell you one thing though, the mindshare (and mindsuck) of that social property has always weighed heavily and putting it aside has provided incredibly relief. What this does is free me up to be even better in fewer avenues. I’ve shared this strategy and tactic before about how focusing your efforts with one marketing channel is better than diluting your efforts among many.

In the end the internet world will keep on turning and FB won’t miss me much and I won’t miss the non-existent interaction that I’ve really had with it (and you won’t miss me either because I haven’t been very present in that space).” -John Saddington


Now I don’t have a facebook but I did have a Deviantart account and I also have an account on smackjeeves and and those are all art or comic hosting sites and just like he mentioned how that certain site wasn’t providing him with any real value the same kind of went for me.

Now please don’t misunderstand all of those sites have definitely proven their usefulness for different people and are even an asset from them to get to were they’re going or have been the main cause from there success but for me it’s not the path that’s meant for me. I noticed after posting my comic on so many different sites I felt my effort, focus and strength in my work starting to become diluted and I started to lose the love that I had for storytelling because I had myself stretched out between all these different places.

So about 1 year ago I started to think that maybe I should close down my DA account and start focusing on building my own website and having my work on there. I talked this over with my older sisters and my mother and let them know my thoughts and opinion about this move and said that I felt like a pebble among other pebbles out in the sea. I felt that I wasn’t able to showcase my stories well enough because of all the other distracting activities around me so I shut down my DA and in April I started up my website with the Grand Re-Opening and started posting up Love! Love! Fighting!.

This really worked out for the best for me because it really freed my mind up and I felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders. It also helped me to focus more on my story and the point I wanted to get across and not on whether I’ll receive a note or a fav or whatever else.

So since that worked out so well and since I was starting to get drained with the constant work with Bottled Prince and updating on Smackjeeves I started to think that maybe I should just focus on building my site and only keeping my work on there. After reading the blog post on John’s website I found the evidence that I was looking for. He also backed away and focused on only a few channels and he has been blogging for about 10 years now and makes a living off of it, going off of one of his post that talks about his income I believe he makes about 44,000 a year, for those interested on reading up on that here’s a link to that as well.

Now that my contract is ending with I plan on moving all of Bottled Prince off the site and put it on my main site and close out both my account on there and smackjeeves and put all of my focus on building up

I don’t feel that it would be fair to myself and to all of you amazingly supportive readers,*seriously I’m so extremely touched by how kind and supportive and hilarious all of you are!* if I let myself continue to go down that certain path that is draining me and wearing me down and then my comic work suffers. I tired these different paths out for about 2 years and I usually use that two year marker as a test to see if it’s really worth sticking to. I also found another very informative blog post on John’s site that touched on this subject a bit but I’ll talk about that during next weeks weekly update.

With all of that said I hope that you all will be able to find his site as helpful as I have so far and if I find anything else in my research I will definitely do a blog post about it and link to it because there are a lot of things I still need to learn and I’m not ashamed to share that with you all because who knows, you might find it helpful as well ;D

Thank you all for reading and don’t forget to stop back on Friday to see the next page update ^^

Important update about Bottled Prince

October 7, 2012

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October 7, 2012

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  1. Well , you have to do what you have to do ! That is what is most important ! If you don’t follow your own heart and make yourself happy , how do you plan on making anyone else happy ? You made the right decision and the right choice ! I’ll continue to support you always ! FIGHTING ! ! !

    • You’re so full of awesomeness right now that it’s really wowing me =D Your comments are always filled with such energy! It really helps make me excited and pumped too ^^ I’m happy to know that because I’ve been getting a bit of mixed response with this. I think people are more worried about my work not getting notice then having to come to one spot to read it but I also believe that everything will be alright =D
      Also remember that comment that you told me about the guy who held the door open for you for valentine’s day? Well I doddle it but I’m to shy and nervous to show it because it’s just a doddle and I don’t think it will do your super funny comment any justice if I show it Q.Q *tucks it under a large stack of papers* I’ll just leave it under there for now (^ 3^)~

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