From Script to Screen: My Personal Process for Making a Webtoon

After publishing over 6+ comic books over since 2012, I wanted to share a few of my personal tips I use to help me write my comic script for both my online webtoon and my published comic books.

First off, I want to say that there’s no right or wrong way to create art and there is no right or wrong way to tell a story because we all process things differently and we all communicate and express ourselves differently.

So what I like to keep in mind for myself personally is to do what works best for me and do what brings you me joy in the way that is mentally sustainable.

With that being said, here are my top tips for making a webtoon story script:

  • Writing my script: Since I’m working on my webtoon solo, I find it easier to write my script in a dialogue-only screenplay style. It saves time and allows me to focus on the characters’ conversations instead of heavy descriptions.
  • One episode at a time: To avoid getting overwhelmed and potentially scrapping a whole story, I like to work on one episode at a time. This helps me stay focused and get through each episode more efficiently. However, it’s important to remember that everyone has their own preference, so do what works best for you.
  • Using the 5W1H method: To keep my thoughts organized and stay on track, I like to use the 5W1H method (who, what, when, where, why, how) when creating my webtoon story. This problem-solving method helps me narrow down the events of each episode and even each panel, keeping my story simple and to the point.
  • Consider using a writing program: There are a number of programs specifically designed for writing comic scripts, such as Scrivener, Celtx, and Ommwriter. These programs can help you format your script and keep track of your panel descriptions, character dialogue, and other important details.
  • Remember that it’s okay to change your mind: It’s normal for your story to evolve as you write it. Don’t be afraid to change your mind or go in a different direction if it feels right. Trust your instincts and be open to new ideas.

I hope these tips are helpful for anyone looking to make their own webtoon! If you want to learn more about my process, check out my webtoon Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me! It currently has 22 thousand subscribers on webtoon and a 5-star rating on Amazon Kindle.

And if you’re interested in making a webtoon but can’t draw, I offer a webtoon ebook where I show you how I use 3D models to create my webtoon.

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