How to Use the WordPress to Create a Webcomic Site

Hey guys, if you’re a trying to create your own website for your webcomic but you don’t know where to start and don’t want to go through the process of learning how to code then I totally recommend using a content management system (CMS) like WordPress.

This is something I currently use and that a lot of other webcomic website use as well.

The reason why I’m using a Content management system is because not only is it user-friendly since it has a drag and drop feature but its easy to navigate and it also has a ton of tools like image gallery widget and features that are great for comic artists to use to post their comic on their site.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the WordPress gallery widget to create your own webcomic website:

  • First thing’s first, I log into my WordPress account and navigate to the dashboard. From here, I can access all of the tools and features that’s usually located in the left side bar.
  • From there I will create a new webcomic page and I do this by clicking on the “Pages” tab on the left side of the dashboard and then click “Add New.” This will open up a blank page where I can start building my webcomic.
  • I could use the blog post tab to have individual blog post just be comic page updates but I like using the Pages feature because this way I can add a table of content for all of my chapters for different series.
  • Using the Page feature also helps me to have multiple different webcomic series sorted on my website. You can see me doing this with my current list of webcomics on my website right now.
  • After I create my page I give my webcomic page a title and then start adding a snippets sneak peeks to the page for others to see what that series may be about before jumping right into the comic. I can do this by clicking on the “Add Media” button and then selecting the comic panels or comic pages from my computer.
  • Once I’ve added all of my comic page previews onto the comic series page I created, it’s time to organize for me to start creating my comic chapters or webtoon episodes using the Blog post feature. FYI there are others ways you can do this if you’re using premade wordpress themes that are specifically built for webcomics.
  • The way I am sharing is just using the basic default themes with WordPress.
  • Any whoodles~ using the blog post tab I will click on the “Add Media” button again and then select the “Create Gallery” option, also don’t forget to add the chapter title and comic name to the top of the blog for organization and SEO purpose so when you grow your audience people who are looking for a specific chapter of your story can easily find it because google pulls it up for them thanks to you properly labeling your post~
  • In the gallery settings, I can choose how I want my comics to be displayed. I can go for a grid layout, a masonry layout, or a slideshow but for my webtoon vertical scrolling comics I tend to stick to grid layout but you can use whichever you like~
  • Once I’m happy with the layout of my comics pages and I make sure that the pages are in order I will click on the “Insert Gallery” button to add them to to my webcomic blog post.
  • When I’m ready for that chapter or episode to be released I can click on the “Publish” button to make your webcomic page live on my website and then I can add that link to the Page that I made for the whole webcomic series.

I feel like I’m talking in circles so if you have any questions feel free to hop on over to my youtube at S-morishita Studio and see more tutorials there or leave a comment with your question or problem down below~ And if you’re an aspiring webtoon artist looking to start your journey in the world of digital comics, we’ve got you covered.

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By following these steps, you can easily create a webcomic website using the WordPress gallery widget. This will allow you to showcase your comics in a professional and organized way, attracting new readers and fans to your work. Happy publishing!

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