Get Creative with These Top Software Options for Webtoon Backgrounds

Q: “Is there any other software for making comic book backgrounds from 3D models? Except for Blender and clip studio paint.”

Comment from S-Morishita Studio Youtube Channel

Are you a comic book artist looking to add some extra depth and dimension to your backgrounds? 3D modeling and animation software can be a great way to do just that!

There are a wide range of programs out there that can help you create stunning 3D models and environments to use in your comics.

  • Some popular options include Blender, an open-source 3D modeling and animation program that offers a wide range of tools and features for creating complex 3D models and scenes.
  • Another popular choice is Easy Poser, a powerful 2D style 3D doll app that is super light weight and can be used to create dynamic angles of your webtoon characters so you don’t have to wrack your brain to figure it out on your own.
  • But those aren’t the only options out there. Other popular 3D modeling and animation programs include Sketchup, ABLR, and Blender, all of which offer a wide range of tools and features for creating detailed 3D models and environments.
  • And if you prefer to work in 2D and not use any 3D model elements to make your webtoon then there are also plenty of great drawing and painting programs to choose from that have rulers or photo filters for you to use to edit your photos into webtoon style anime backgrounds which includes Ibispaint (anime background filter) Medibang Paint (Perspective rulers) and Krita

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  • 3D models can also help you create and visualize more complex and dynamic backgrounds, and allow you to experiment with different perspectives and camera angles. And with so many great software options out there, it’s never been easier to get started with 3D modeling for your comics.

So if you’re looking to add some extra dimension to your backgrounds, consider giving 3D model assets a try! There’s a wide range of programs available to suit a variety of needs and budgets, so don’t be afraid to experiment and find the one that works best for you. Happy creating!

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May 29, 2023

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