Good news, Some what Bad news~

Which would you prefer to read first?…..I’ll start with the good news first and then leave the bad news (Not really bad news but something I discovered that’s caused something bad but all in all is good that it was discovered…..if that makes any sense…)

Good News:

So guess what’s being updated on my pattern page today!? That’s right, I will be uploading the first few pages of Volume 3 for all pattern supporters! Right now on this site we are on the 8th chapter of volume 2 and for Patreon supporters they will be reading pages 1-2 of chapter 10~

Here is the rough draft cover page of volume 3 that I will be updating once I finish some more work that I need to do.

—-Mini Spoiler alert!!!—-Don’t read the next part if you don’t want to be mini-spoiled——-


For this cover image I’m going for a fun and bright spring time feel. Kind of like that feeling you get when your outdoors and the breeze is nice and blowing gently through the trees down in Mississippi during the spring time~ (My Grandma took us to Mississippi when we were little and it was the best <3)

With this illustration story Jae-hwa is showing the magic that curly hair has when it comes to shrinkage <3 So he’s pulling one of Oriana’s curls to show how long her little afro really is after what happens at the end of chapter 8….which I guess right now is a spoiler so let me put a tag above ^^;  You can check out the pattern post here:


——-Mini Spoiler finished——-

Somewhat bad news:

I went to the chiropractor on and found out the cause of why my Bels Palsy hit after I had my twins and we are now in the process of getting some of the issues that I have with my spine fixed. They found that one of my bones in my neck right by the jaw area is bent back and twisted and that my jaw needs to be realigned because it’s shifted. They’re also going to realign my pelvic hip bone that is twisted and rounded out.

I was shocked when I found out what all was going on but happy that I now had an answer to why I was having some many health complications. A lot of things that I didn’t realize was connected to the spine and nerve system surprised me. The spine really is a stem of life for the body.

Right now I’m dealing with pain and swelling but this is my journey to healing and I know there are going to be ups and downs and I’ve cried a lot because of fear and pain but it will be better as time goes on <3.


Comic Updated! Schools almost over!!

March 5, 2016

Volume 3 Released on Patreon!

March 5, 2016

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  1. My friend (and boss) has a case of Bell’s palsy right now. Doesn’t look like the treatment is helping much, though. Makes me sad. Hope you fare better and soon!

  2. Yeesh. That sounds painful. Best wishes on your recovery. Health comes first.

    FIGHTING >:3

  4. You are a beautiful person and I feel and pray for your full recovery

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