Hi Everyone! Survey send out time!

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you all are doing well! I wanted to take some time out for the next 10 days and send out surveys to all of you. I really want to know more about the people behind the computer screen. It’s just so much fun to meet a lot of you in person at the comic conventions and just having that feeling a familiarity and sharing stories or tidbits about comic creating or health *since cancer runs heavy in my mom’s side of my family I’m a lot more health aware. If I can find something that can help my mom and Great-Grandma feel better I’m all over it XD*

So because of that I’m going to be sending out emails from my personal email address (reerisa@gmail.com) Funny story behind my email name, it’s actual my nickname and my cousin’s name put together XD I had went to stay with my grandmother for a little while when I was a little girl and she had taken me and my other cousin’s down to see her sister in Mississippi and I just had so much fun! In the morning me and my cousins were so exhausted so we were totally knocked out, snoring and all and my aunts told us that we both had our arms on each others faces just snoring away. It’s happy memories of trying to cram into one bed with all of your cousins that brings happy, fluffy memories <3 Since I had so much fun with my cousin I decided to have my email be her and my nickname put together. That was so long ago and I still haven’t changed it, so be on the look out for my silly little email address XD

I hope I can get to know you all better through the survey that I’ll be sending out to you all within the next 10 days and as an extra little treat….here is another comic page update! Don’t say I don’t love you guys ;D


I'm sorry you guys, you're all so sweet!

February 23, 2015

Comic Updated! Thank you everyone!

February 23, 2015

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