How To Make A Webtoon: All The Tips I Needed to Know

If you’re looking to make a webtoon but you don’t have a computer, no worries because you can totally make a webtoon on your phone!

The apps I love to use as a webtoon artist to make my comics would be ibispaint for the drawing, magic poser for the 3D models and Home Design 3D for my webtoon background art!

Ibispaint app is a great free alternative to Clip Studio Paint for drawing a webtoon on a phone
Ibispaint app is a great free alternative to Clip Studio Paint for drawing a webtoon on a phone

ibispaint is not only a free webtoon comic drawing app that can be downloaded and used to draw a webtoon on my android phone but it also comes with a lot of comic specific features like free material assets, comic font, word balloons AND a built in screen recording feature!

ibispaint app website

I legit LOVE ibispaint so much! On top of that they are compatible with Clip Studio Paint and they also allow you to use their premium brushes if you choose too after watching one of their ads~

Now if you don’t have the most experience or skills with drawing then the free 3D model app called Magic poser will seriously be your best friend! 

MagicPoser app site

Since there are a lot of things I don’t know how to draw I use 3D model apps like Magic poser as a tool to create a character pose or scene to pose my characters in and then I will trace over screenshots of the 3D models within ibispaint and voila I have a webtoon~

Finally in regards to 3D backgrounds and the scariness they bring because of how difficult backgrounds are due to either visionary overload or just how mentally complex perspective can be never fear because that’s where Home Design 3D comes in to help save the day!

I love to use this interior design app to help me make my webtoon backgrounds all on my smartphone. My process is still the same when I am using the magic poser app~

I will take a screenshot of the background and will place the image within the ibispaint app and draw my characters overtop of it and voila x2 my webtoon is done and it’s all on my phone!

How to make webtoon Background on a phone

If you’d like to learn how to publish a webtoon from your phone make sure to check out my blog post! 

A lot of people try to publish a webtoon using the downloadable app but really you have to use an internet browser to access the publishing features~

Want to Learn How you can make a webtoon even if you can’t draw?

If you want to make a webtoon but you can’t draw then my webtoon workshop kit will be the perfect fit for you because I will show you how I use 3D models to do just that~ 

In this kit I have a workbook to help guide you through each webtoon creation stage as well as videos where I show my exact step-by-step process on how I create my webtoon that anybody can follow regardless of what their skill level is with art~

Learn How to make a Webtoon without Drawing!~

Even if you can’t draw a stick figure, if you follow along with this workshop kit by the end you will have achieved your goal by making your first 4 panel webtoon to share with the world!

A motto I like to follow is that art is not a one size fits all, there’s more than one way to make art~

Even if we can’t draw that’s okay because we know how to be creative problem solvers to still achieve our dream and make our webtoon stories!

Do you want to Make a Webtoon But you don’t know where to Start?

Instead of combing through google to find all of your answer on what tools, software, publishing and marketing platforms webtoon artist use, check out my ebook instead! 

I answer all of those questions and then some to help get you started on the right foot and get your webtoon started!

Download my Webtoon for Beginners ebook where I cover how to start, publish and monetize a webtoon comic for beginners!

How to Start a Webtoon for Beginners

Also if you’re looking for a romance webtoon with a chubby female main character as the love interest then check out the ever so chaotic and wholesome webtoon Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me!

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