Tablet Screen Size Recommendation for Webtoon Artists

The Tablet that I use for drawing my webtoon is the iPad Pro 10 inch and I feel comfortable drawing on it because its a smooth and seamless transition space wise from having drawn my comics only on notebook paper.

Drawing Webtoon on an iPad Tablet

So if you’ve never done digital art before and you’re looking for a tablet screen size recommendation then I totally suggest getting an 7-10 inch tablet screen.

Most sketchbook papers are between 7-10 inches so this is the biggest reason why I recommend getting a tablet that has that same screen size so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable to draw on if you get a screen size smaller than your average notebook.

Tips for Beginner Webtoon Artist

It ends up feeling like you’re drawing on a grain of rice….which after drawing on a small screen size for a while my eyes and brain definitely adjust but it was already a bit of a learning curve for me when I transitioned to drawing my webtoons all digital and I didn’t want to have to battle with my eye and hand and space muscle memory.

One other tidbit that I want to mention is that no matter what tablet screen size you pick you are able to create an image canva size or document size within the tablet that is larger than 10 inches.

I know for beginner getting used to digital art can be a little confusing and while we are used to only being able to draw pictures as big as the notebook that we have that same rule doesn’t technically apply with tablets.

So you can have a smaller 7 inch tablet and still be able to draw a webtoon that is 1600 pixels tall and 2400 pixels wide or if we convert that to inches 16 x 24. The size of that tablet won’t effect the canva/file size of your webtoon.

Tips for Creating a webtoon

With programs like ibispaint, medibang paint or Clip Studio Paint you’ll be able to manual select whatever canvas drawing size you want no matter what your tablet screen size is.

I just wanted to mention that just incase someone might have been confused about size relativity like I was when I first got into digital drawing~

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Now the programs I love to use to draw my webtoon on a tablet are ibisipaint and magic poser because they are super light weight apps and are great free alternatives to Clip Studio Paint, since ibispaint has comic specific tools and Magic Poser is a 3D posable model app~

If you’re price range for looking for an iPad is under $500 and you want something that’s lightweight, good drawing size and beginner friendly then I totally recommend the iPad!

You don’t need a computer to connect to it in order for it to work like you would a typical graphic drawing tablet and the apple pen stylus is battery free unlike other drawing tablets that require batteries for the pen to work (which I just do not like at all because when the battery power runs out it lags and that just makes me want to cry!)

How to make a Webtoon on a Smartphone

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How to Start a Webtoon for Beginners

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