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How to Make Webtoon Backgrounds || Webtoon Background Tips

I love using 3D background assets found in Clip Studio Paint and the default camera angle preset to create my backgrounds for my webtoon, webcomics and traditional manga style comics.

With 3D backgrounds I’m able to cut down on a lot of time that I would have spent with mapping out the camera angel and perspective.

Also with Clip Studio Paint there is a feature within their 3D backgrounds that has default camera presets and that’s what I use to help me streamline my backgrounds so I can focus on telling my story without getting stuck trying to bring the foggy image to my mind down on paper.

Another feature that I love to use with Clip Studio Paint 3D backgrounds is the LT conversion function.

With that I can extract or export the black and white lineart of the 3D background and use that for my traditional black and white manga style comics!

One last thing that I do to create my backgrounds for my webtoon is to utilize the color balance feature.

Adjusting the color balance helps to take away some of that 3D coloring effect that some what causes the backgrounds within my webtoon comics to clash at times.

If you have any questions about my webtoon background process feel free to ask them down below in the comment section and I’d be happy to talk about this a little more!

I also have a youtube video where I show how I create my background if you’d like to see my process first hand~

What should you do next?

If you have any more questions feel free to leave a comment down below and I’d be happy to answer them!

As always don’t forget make sure above all else you’re prioritizing your happiness and enjoying your comic journey! 

AMBW and BWAM manga manhwa webtoon
“Could something that began as a petty obligation turn into something genuine?”

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