Internet is back up and running!

Okay so with the internet back up I will be able to do a 2 page update to catch up with the missed updates. So make sure to come back on Monday to see the first missed page update and come back on tuesday to see the second missed page update. I still have somethings to fix with our new place but I’ll be able to post a more formal update post on Monday ^^

Thank you to all of those who continued to check back in and I’ll be back for the 2-day update starting Monday.

No Home internet connection

July 15, 2012

Weekly update! Ch2-5 & Info update!

July 15, 2012

6 Thoughts on Internet is back up and running!

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  1. Yaaay for internet!!!! \\^3^//

    • My words exactly! Wooo~ I was seriously going a little crazy without being able to upload anything jamnie TT.TT

  2. Happy every thing running cool now! Two: people love your comic of course they would come back to see what happening! Keep ur health and the great work!!!!

    • Will do! 😀 We will be seeing Jae-hwa in these next upcoming pages so I’m excited for this week and next’s week update ><

  3. Glad to hear things are getting back on their feet. :3 Got kinda worried there for a second =w=

    • I understand =.= I was really starting to freak out on my end because they hadn’t set it up yet and I’m like “I need to update my site and comic! People are going to leave TT.TT!!” But thankfully it’s up and running and thing can get back to normal. Thank you for staying around Lina!

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