Publishing Your Comic Book: ISBNs and Printing Options Explained

For beginner digital comic artist looking to publish your comic book one question you may have is whether or not you need an ISBN and what your printing options are. In this post, we’ll cover the basics of ISBNs, as well as the pros and cons of printing with Amazon KDP and Ingramspark versus using print on demand companies like Ninja Print Comics and Ka-Blam Comic Printers.

First, let’s talk about ISBNs. If you plan on selling your comic book in physical stores such as Walmart, Barnes and Noble Press, Target or Public Library, then you will need an ISBN. However, if you plan on selling your printed comic book with online distributors like Amazon, KDP, Barnes and Noble Press, or Ingramspark, then you can get a free or discounted ISBN number. Additionally, if you plan on publishing your comic book in ebook format, an ISBN is not required.

But what exactly is an ISBN and what is it used for? ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number and it’s a numbering system that publishers, bookstores, libraries, online distributors, etc… use for ordering, listing, sales records, and other stock monitoring purposes.

Now, let’s talk about your printing options. Amazon KDP and Ingramspark are popular options for self-publishing authors and comic book artists. Both platforms allow you to upload your comic book in digital format and have it printed on demand, meaning that you don’t have to worry about upfront costs or inventory management. However, you will likely have less control over the printing process and may have to pay higher fees.

On the other hand, print on demand companies like Ninja Print Comics and Ka-Blam Comic Printers specialize in printing comics and graphic novels. They typically offer more customization options, such as different paper stocks and print sizes, and may have lower fees than Amazon KDP or Ingramspark. However, they often have minimum order requirements and may not be as widely recognized or distributed.

These print on demand platforms are what a lot of artist use for building inventory to bring to comic conventions or to sell their books on their online store. I personally don’t like to hold on to inventory of my comic books because printing and shipping and handling customer service is overwhelming for me so I like to let Amazon KDP and Ingramspark handle that for me so that’s who I use personally for publishing my comic books.

Ultimately, the choice of printing option will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Consider factors such as cost, control, and distribution when making your decision.

Don’t let the ISBN requirement or printing options discourage you from publishing your comic book. Remember that there are other ways to distribute and sell your comic book, such as through your own online store or by printing and selling at comic or anime conventions. And if you need help getting started with your own webtoon, check out our ebook “How to Start a Webtoon for Beginners” where we cover everything from creating and publishing your webtoon to monetizing it.

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