The Ultimate Guide to Formatting Your Traditional Webtoon for Mobile Platforms

Are you a beginner digital artist looking to start creating webtoon comics? One important aspect to consider is the proper format for uploading your comics onto platforms such as LINE Webtoon or Tapas.

When working with traditional drawings, it’s best to use paper that is around 8.3 inches wide and 13.3 inches high. This will ensure that your panels and word balloons fit within the recommended dimensions for these platforms. Additionally, LINE Webtoon requires that images be 800 pixels wide and 1280 pixels long, while Tapas has a maximum file size of 940 pixels by 4000 pixels.

But what about uploading your traditional comics to mobile webtoon platforms? A simple solution is to take a photo of your comic with your phone and then upload it through the webtoon’s URL by selecting the “view desktop” option.

One important thing to note is that many webtoon publishing platforms, including LINE Webtoon and Tapas, accept both digital and traditional formats for comics. This means that traditional comic book artists can share their work on these platforms and reach a wider audience.

Another great aspect of these platforms is that they have built-in page reformatters. This means that if your comic pages don’t fit within the recommended dimensions, the platform will automatically resize or cut the pages to properly fit. This eliminates the concern for traditional comic artists about uploading their comics to these platforms due to uncertainty about formatting.

If you’re an artist who is hesitant to share your traditional comics online because you think they might not be well-received, know that there are readers who appreciate and enjoy all types of comic formats. Don’t be afraid to share your work and see where it takes you.

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