Rescue Me Comic Complete!

Rescue Me Comic Complete!

Hi guys! I will make this update quick because I unfortunately hurt both of my arms and haven’t been able to straighten them out fully since monday (it’s been a rough week but we press on) The comic has been updated and I also have some great news about my Rescue Me comic! I’ll go ahead and copy and past what I wrote on my patreon post for you all to read~

I just made a post for all $10 tier pledges but I wanted to make a special announcement for everyone who might not have seen my email message.

Rescue Me PDF

Rescue me is now fully finished and all $10 tier supporters will have access to the full PDF that I just posted and all supporters who’s pledges have built up to $10 will be able to receive the Full Pdf granted they respond back to my message that I sent through patreon (I’m not sure if the message sent to everyone or notified everyone so feel free to comment here and I can send you the message again so that I can get your email to send you the PDF that way.)

This is my 3rd fully finished story and I’m so excited to be done and now I can move on to my next project! Right now I’m debating on doing Curse of the Caribbean or working on the School memories comic. I might end up hoping back and forth between the two but until then I think I’ll take a much needed creative break to get my energy level back up.

I hope you all enjoy Rescue me’s finished story and make sure to send me a message if you didn’t receive my message through patreon about the PDF

I will be releasing the pages one-twice each week depending on the fluctuation of the goal bar. So for those who aren’t able to support finically don’t worry, the story will be posted for free but it will be at a weekly pace just like how I posted and shared Love! Love! Fighting!

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  1. Hey^^ Can you send the email for the Rescue Me pdf. I have been a patreon member since March 2017.

    • Thank you for contacting me and for supporting my comic! I’ll send you a message through patreon right away with the PDF download link! Please let me know if you have any hiccups with receiving my patreon message 😀

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