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From Script to Comic || Making a Webtoon

Do you have your comic script but don’t know how to turn those words into pictures?

This ebook guide shares how I turn my webtoon script into thumbnail comic panels! 

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Want to know how to make webtoon backgrounds using 3D models or photo images?

Here are some secretly quick and easy tips and tricks I like to do for my webtoon backgrounds with my comic Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me! using Clip Studio paint or ibispaint~

FREE to use Webtoon Background

I wanted to share some free webtoon backgrounds for aspiring artist to use to start their webtoon comic. I noticed that backgrounds can be really scary so hopefully these can help as an aid for you to get your story out there~

Have fun creating!

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This Ebook Beginners Guide will help teach aspiring Comic Artist How to Start Their Own Webtoon!

What Hardware do Webtoon Artist Use
You'll learn exactly what computer hardware that webtoon artist use
What Programs do Webtoon Artist Use
You'll learn all of the apps and programs that webtoon artist use to create their comics digitally!
What is the Webtoon Format
See the step by step process and inside breakdown that goes into putting together a webtoon!
Sharean Morishita
Comic Artist & Author
Sharean Morishita has worked for over eleven years creating and publishing her comics. She is a Comic Artist & writer of School Memories and Love! Love! Fighting! She is also the Webtoon Artist of Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me! and Rescue Me. Sharean lives in Iowa, with her husband, Elijah Morishita, and their three children.
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