Special Sketch Commission

Special Sketch Commission

Finished Commission so far:
Sherri’s OC’s (Shira&Reiya)

For any of you that might be interested I’m opening up a special sketch commission. I’ve listed the prices and some image examples below. I am trying to show my support and help raise funds for a fundraiser rally that I am apart of and the best way that I know to help contribute is by offering my art skills to those of you who are looking for a certain drawing for a special someone or maybe you might have a character idea that you just want to seen drawn in my style. The fundraising rally ends on February 15th so I will be closing the special sketch commissions on that day as well. My goal is to hopefully raise $300 dollars so feel free to contact me reerisa [at] gmail.com and make sure to fill out and attach the check list below to your message so that I know what exactly you would like. I do have some restrictions on what I will and will not draw and those are listed below as well.

Rules: Things I won’t draw

  1. Hentai,
  2. copyrighted characters
  3. yaoi (or other boyxboy), yuri,(or other girlxgirl)
  4. furry, anthro (but i can draw human characters with animal ears/tails/animal details),
  5. mecha, cars and other machines like that.
  6. Characters with satanic traits

All I ask for is please do not edit, sell and/or claim my art as your own. They are for personal use only.
That means you can’t sell it to other people.
I’ll start with your commission when I’ve received your payment! ^^
If I received your check list and have full clarity on what you want me to draw then it usually takes me at the most one to two days to finish.

Commission check list:
-commission type
– reference pictures
– description (poses etc). Try to write concisely and to the point.
– additional information or questions (if needed)

I’ll reply to you with a total of your payment and my paypal email~
Also just as a small side note, please try to keep your message simple and as close to the point as possible. A wall of text is very daunting on my half and can do more damage then help. ;^;
Of course feel free to send a note/question about your commission status. I will let you know if I’m working on it or if i have any problems.

I respond to emails within a few hours but if I haven’t responded back to you within at the most one day then feel free to send me another email to make sure your message didn’t get lost or over looked ^^; For some reason gmail has been tagging some of the emails that I received as spam ;^;

-halfbody $10 per character
-fullbody $15 per character
-additional character $3
-Your choice of a Gradient background or no background
resolution not bigger than 1000px 300dpi, no characters limit

1 missiowausa1

Detailed CG
-halfbody – $30-40* per character (add chara + $30)
-fullbody – $50-60* per character (add chara + $40)
specified background – $15-35*
high resolution available (about A4 size 300dpi)
*Background prices varies on complexity.

Prince Lonelle


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January 3, 2013

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January 3, 2013