Livestream isn’t working for this Mom ^^;

Livestream isn’t working for this Mom ^^;


I tried doing the livestreams at different times but it seems doing it at night and early in the morning are still very difficult. It looks like with my home situation Livestream is very difficult with me stopping and starting to try to keep children calm and quite ^^; I’ll have to just make per-recored movies so that I can edit out any of the pauses that I have to do while drawing. Even while I’m typing this right now my kids are fighting and screaming over a toy…..So for my own peace of mind I’m going to have to stop trying with Livestream. Trying to do a live drawing recording with three energetic toddlers is very difficult but at least I can say that I did give it a try but it’s definitely not for this busy mom =_= I did have a lot of fun conversation with Scarlet and Moria though!

So instead of Livestreams I’m going to try to just do prerecorded videos and post that online. I tried recording my livestream video’s but you can hear the kids in the background and that’s not very professional……But on a lighter note I was able to at least get some illustration work finished and I’m really happy! It’s dinner and bath time for the babies so I need to get going but I just wanted to give everyone a head’s up <3


Updated: 12/27/2012 -Bottled Prince finished art

Yay!!! I;m very proud of myself! I’ve been wanting to do a new illustration of Prince Lonelle for a very long time and even more so when my prints of him sold out so quickly. If I would title this illustration it would be something like….”A glimpse of his highness chambers.” I don’t know what are some of your thoughts on a possible title? I’ve really loved the old medieval time frame story, so drawing this picture was a lot of fun for me and I definitely want to draw some more and possibly in the near future do another comic that’s set in the medieval time frame ^^ It’s just something about Prince’s and Knights that I’ve really taken a liking too. It might be because of their manners and power or just because deep down there’s a part of me that has never really grown up from wanting to be a princess who lives in a beautiful castle O_O I really should do a comic about more medieval things so that I can get that out of my system ^^;

Anywhoo here’s the finished illustration and now I’m off to bed. I do plan on getting this printed up when I do my next print run but that won’t be till sometime march or April but I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

Prince Lonelle

P.S. Scarlet and Lina you two stop undressing the Prince with your eyes =_= I’ll have to do a special illustration for you guys…Poor Prince Lonelle, I fear for his safety ^^;

Kids are finally in bed so now I will be finishing the second half of the livestream now.


I was able to finish up the lineart of the illustration before the kids started to get too out of hand. Once I get them up for bed the I will continue the livestream for the coloring process then if it doesn’t get to late then I’ll be open to doing some sketch practice request. I need to brush up on my anatomy so I think that will really help ^^ I apologize for how distracting the kids are. Thank you Lina and Scarlet for sticking through all the distractions ^^; I don’t plan on doing another livestream with the kids all awake unless my hubby is home to help keep them distracted =_= You kind of need two bodies when trying to do art and watch children at the same time.


For those who are curious here is the linework I was able to finish during all of that chaos ^^;

Prince Lonelle

Preparing to do a livestream of a new Illustration of Prince Lonelle from my comic Bottled Prince.
P.S. Thank you so much Ayisha for all of the really funny and enjoyable comments that you left while reading my Bottled Prince comic. I thought about responding to them all but then I thought maybe I should do a new illustration of Prince Lonelle instead since he seems to be highly favored among a lot of my readers ^^


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December 25, 2012

Special Sketch Commission

December 25, 2012

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  1. But hes to handsome not to undress with my eyes <3

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