NaNoReNo Project plus more

NaNoReNo Update:

I really don’t know what would be the right thing to say when it comes to participating in this project this year. Of course this was my first year being a part of NaNoReNo and let me just say that I really learned a lot when it comes to pacing yourself and the size of the story for your visual novel.

I wanted to have 7 different endings all together and about 7 cg events, I had thought that this was the bare minimal and that I should be able to handle this. On top of that I was also working on two other comics, plus getting my new website ready to launch. Time started to pass by quicker than I expected and being a mother of three I already don’t have a lot of time to spare on different things to begin with. In the end during the last week my two boys got really sick and I had to rush one to the er, I whacked the back of the car against some poll as I was pulling out but I was to worried about my son to get out and check the damage so I just pulled forward and zoomed off. All the while holding back tears and calling my mom and crying on the phone. My husband and I were really scared but they once we got to the hospital they were able to lower his temp for 103 down to 102.6 so I’m still keeping and eye on both of them while giving them there medicine. So with all of that happening it really took a toll on me getting my story for NaNoReNo where I wanted it to be. I wasn’t able to do a complete proof read of everything because by the time I got back home it was pretty late and I had already stayed up and pulled a lot of all nighters a couple of days before, or that day before, I can’t remember I’m still very tired =.=

So with the project done and uploaded, I had to cut a lot of things out and was only able to create a demo of one path with one cg event, I didn’t really feel very confident with what I did and was really sad that I could meet the standard that I had set with myself. I knew that looking at others and measuring my work with them didn’t make any sense because I’m not them, I’m me and that’s one thing that I learned from my Bishop, “I can’t be right for you if I’m not right for me, I’ve got to be me.”

In the near future I do plan on creating a full demo version of the game but for now I want to focus on getting School Memories done, which by the way I should add to my visual novel page. Anyways that’s all for now. If I think up of more to say when it came to my experience with NaNoReNo then I’ll make sure to post it up if time and other things permits.



Comic Update:

Love!Love!Fighting! is soon under way to be uploaded. I plan on uploading it at 8:30pm Sunday night April 1st. I don’t plan on having this comic break any walls or be just super awesome sauce, I just want to have fun and tell my silly little story. If I don’t enjoy it then what’s the point of doing it? I’ve also learned something new when it comes to being a comic creator. If you don’t really have a true love for your work then it’s going to be really hard to continue working on it during those hard times of artist block or demotivation because of a hurtful comment or lack of comments. I feel that I’ve come a long way with Bottled Prince and I had many of times where I was so discouraged and then it clicked in my head, “So what if I’m not popular and I don’t have as many comments as other people, I’m not doing this story for them. This is my story that I want to write and share with others. If they don’t like it oh well. I’m going to keep on drawing even if it looks wack and amateurish. I’ll get better over time and I’m going to do what I want.”
After that my own personal love for my comic really grew and I found myself not having as many artist blocks as I did before and now I’m having a lot more fun with my story, granted I am shocked by all of the horror that is in it but I am still having fun and I am happy that there are a others that do enjoy it, whether it’s 1 person or 100 people I think the most important thing is that I like what I do and I think I matter more to myself then if a bunch of people like me but I don’t like me…if that makes any sense at all…*You know like if your liked by all of these people because you fit what there mold of perfect is but when you go home and look in the mirror you hate what you see? That’s why I say it’s important for me to like myself more than for me to be worried about how many people like me, the same applies to my comic, In the end its me and my comic looking at each other in the mirror because my work is a reflection of myself and so I have to like what I do so I can face that mirror…this is sounding to weird and mommy lecture like so lets move on.*

So I think that is all for now. There are still a few more things I have to fix but I hope everyone will be able to enjoy the remake of Love!Love!Fighting! I took in a lot of the advice given to me by my readers and applied it to the new chapter so I hope you all can see the improvement and If you liked the old chapter better then I can post up a link to it and you can read it to your heart’s content.


Site Launch coming soon...8:30pm Sunday April 1st *or whenever the timer goes up.*

April 1, 2012

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April 1, 2012