Weekly Update Page#4 is up

Just as the title states I have went ahead and updated page 4 of the comic. I was thinking about having the last page be on the main page of the site but I didn’t think if that might be a spoiler for some if there happens to be a certain part of the story that’s a cliff hanger. I could also move the next page thumbnail under the comic navigation with the archives beside it but I don’t know.

I wanted to type more but I have to go take care of a few other things so I will have to end this blog post short. I’ll try to have more to talk about next time but I have a lot of work that still needs to be done so if you want you can check back in later to see what else I had to say ^^

EDIT: I made this post over on my section at MangaMagazine.net so I’m going to go ahead and copy it here to just encase some of you might need a little extra help with storytelling ^^


Disclaimer: “I want to first say that this isn’t the only way to go about doing a story and you are free and willingly to do something else. Everything that I post about comicking or storytelling is just helpful tips that I want to share that worked for me. I know that this won’t work for everyone else but for those who mind’s work the way mine does, when it comes to comicking, I though that I should at least share it. Again you are not forced to do things this way nor am I claiming this is the only way.
Thank you for your understanding~ ^^ “

I’ve always had an issue with trying to tell my story just the right way, either the story would go to fast or go super slow. I always felt upset and frustrated by this because I just couldn’t find the happy medium of story pacing, then on top of that I would get started on a story but it would be kind of empty, like there wasn’t really a plot or it would fall flat because there wasn’t really a foundation, my characters didn’t really have any kind of goal to move towards and I would run out of random idea’s for the story and so this caused me to have a lot of in-complete or dropped comic ideas.

Some people might already know of some of my comics that have been put on the back burner: T’is so sweet, and Distant Land and No Punks Allowed. I do plan on starting T’is so sweet back up after I finish my first two comics that I am working on Love!Love!Fighting!, which was a comic that I entered into a contest and with the help of these links I was able to remodel the story into something more solid and better paced. The other two titled have been dropped and for now I don’t plan on starting them back up because they were made just as a way for me to vent out my stress during that time in my life. Okay I’ll stop yacking about my past issues with my comics and I’ll go ahead and list the helpful storytelling links below.

I’ve told a few people already about some of these site links that helped me but I thought to go ahead and make a blog about it so that those who might be having issues with trying to pace there story or even get their story fully molded can get the kind of help that I got from these sites.

This website is hosted by CHRIS OATLEY who is a character designer at Disney and LORA INNES which I’m sure most of you might know, who is the creator of the web comic The Dreamer. I am very picky about certain type of comic podcast that I listen to but I really enjoy theirs. Their since of humor really fits in with mine and it’s light and clean and so informative. Its really helpful and inspiring to hear that you aren’t the only one going through these artist stumbling blocks but they explain ways to help avoid these kind of issues with artist block or story telling or making and income with your comic. I will go ahead and link my top three favorite one’s below. I can see this post getting a little long so for now I will just post up paperwings stuff and if other people are interested in some of the other podcast and articles that I find helpful feel free to let me know.

Paper Wings PodCast-This is the website url

How To Write Comics That Engage Your Audience

Creator Interview with Comfort Love and Adam Withers

How to Make Money From Your Comic (Part 1)

I think this is all that I will post about for now. I hope this does help and I plan on copying. Well~ Happy comicking!

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April 13, 2012

Weekly Update page #5 is up~

April 13, 2012