Traditional Comics on Webtoon Platforms: Is it Possible?

Hey guys, have you ever wondered if you can publish your traditional comic on a webtoon platform like LINE Webtoon or Tapas?

Well, I’m here to tell you that you totally can! Since they now have a built in Auto-Formatter this makes it where you can upload your comic pages and they will slice it for it to fit on their platform, with WEBTOON CANVA they will both slice AND resize it for you which is super handy!

Now, I know what you might be thinking. You might be worried that you’ll have to change your entire comic to fit the vertical webtoon format. But don’t worry, that’s not the case at all! There are plenty of other creators out there who have successfully published their traditional style comics on webtoon platforms like:

  • -School Memories (Manga Page Style)
  • -Mommy Diaries (4koma Style)
  • -Daniel (Webcomic Style)
  • -Carciphona (Manga Page Style)
  • -Brutally Honest (4koma Style)
  • -Grey is…(Manga Page Style)
  • -Lord Have Mercy (Graphic Novel Style)
  • -Modern Mogal (Comic Style).

You might also be worried about how the audience will react to your traditional format comic. After all, most comics on these platforms are in the vertical webtoon format. But don’t let that hold you back!

I’ve personally uploaded my traditional format comic on Tapas and the audience didn’t seem to mind at all. Art is a form of personal expression, so don’t force yourself to draw in a format that you don’t personally like. Just share your amazing comic with the world and let your talent speak for itself.

And if anyone tries to tell you that you can’t publish your traditional comic on a webtoon platform, just let them know that I said it’s totally okay and that they can take it up with me. I’ll even gladly talk to them on your behalf so you can focus on publishing and sharing your amazing work.

If you’re interested in learning more about starting your own webtoon, check out the “How to Start a Webtoon” ebook. It’s perfect for beginners and covers everything from hardware and tools to the full webtoon process. And if you’re looking for a fun AMBW manga webtoon to read in the meantime, definitely check out Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me! Happy creating!

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