Vol.3 Finished! Kickstarter coming soon!

Vol.3 Finished! Kickstarter coming soon!

Hi everyone! It’s been a little while since I last updated my website but I have some great news! Volume 3 is finally finished! That’s right all of Love! Love! Fighting! is finally done and I will be releasing vol 1-3 on my patreon for all the $10 supporters.

Updates have been slow because I really wanted to focus on getting this series finished before I had to start back up with the kids k-12. I want to give them my full focus with their education so having this series done is going to help take off a lot of stress. I’m just so happy and it feels so surreal that I actually finished a full comic series.

I want to write up a blog post about comic creating and some tips and things I learned along the way but for now I do want to announce that I will be starting a kickstarter for volume 3! I want to be able to raise funds to make a small print run so that I can donate the books to some of the local public libraries and libraries that I grew up with when I was younger.

I remember the first time I saw a comic book with a main character that had dark skin just like me and that created a spark in my heart “Maybe I can make a story about characters that look like me, maybe it’s  not so weird after all.” I want to be able to donate my books to the library to possibly be that positive spark for another young child that might have self-doubt about creating their own story with someone that looks like them. Seeing that character really changed my outlook on a lot of things and if I can do the same thing for someone else I will feel like I accomplished another goal for my stories.

There are still some background work I have to do before starting the kickstarter but I wanted to let everyone know ahead of time that there will be one starting up soon. I hope to also be able to get the books signed up with another distributor and that way they will be avalibe in more areas.

Either way thank you all for all of your support and positivity and keeping up with the comic for so long! It’s been about 5-6 years and it’s amazing to finally have an end story for Oriana!

I’ll be back soon with another update and I hope you all enjoy today’s comic update!

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  1. Yay! I’m so excited! Great Job!

  2. Im so happy for you and thrilled to read the third volume! Also I know you have to concentrate on you babies, but i can’t to see what you create next 🙂

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