Webtoon Artist Image Slicing Tip

Webtoon Artist Image Slicing Tip

Clip Studio Paint and the free program Krita both have similar and webtoon specific webtoon panel slicing feature~

Krita image slicer feature is similar to Clip Studio Paint

Webtoon artist are made up of multiple images sized around 800px by 1280px and connected vertically within webtoon platform to look like one long vertical strip

There are a few different ways that you can go about sizing and slicing your webtoon canva to upload on to webtoon but here are my two current favorite ways.

You can either use an online image slicer called Croppy or you can use the webtoon slice export function that most typical art programs like Clip Studio Paint and Krita have. 

If you don’t have Clip Studio Paint but have ibispaint or JUMP paint then you can use this manual cropping format to make your webtoon panels.

Clip Studio Paint

I’ll use Clip Studio Paint to demonstrate this so follow along in your program like JUMP, Krita, ibispaint, medibang paint~

You can also manually crop, or use image resize but if you have a lot of panels or files to work on this can be a little tedious but it’s still doable!

What I do is I will export my file which usually will have 2 panels for 1 webtoon page file.

After that I will then crop the whole canvas by selecting the change canvas.

Here you will see a section within the canvas resize called reference points, these are what I use to help me slice my webtoon panel.

After I crop the top have I save it as a different webtoon panel file and then go and click my undo button so that I can go back in and crop the bottom half by clicking the bottom reference point.

One of the things that I love about Clip Studio Paint is that I can batch export and resize all of my files all at once without having to resize the main file individually; Such a life saver!

How Do You Slice a Webtoon

If you are creating all of your webtoon panels in one long file (800px by 20000px) you can export the file and upload it onto and online image slicer.

My current favorite free online webtoon slicer is called Croppy and it will help slice your images to according to either LINE Webtoon or Tapas format requirement. It’s also a lot less tedious than the way I usually do it~

If you’d like to learn more additional webtoon format panel tips then here is Another Webtoon Page Format Tip that covers Panel Size Issues~

If you are creating your webtoon panels in separate batched files of 1600px x 4800px, I usually do 1-2 panels for this canvas size, then all you’d really need to do is export it to LINE and Tapas canva size. 

LINE Webtoon Format: Webtoon Upload Size No larger 800px 1280px

Webtoon LINE Canva Upload

Tapas Canva Format: Webtoon Upload Size No larger than 940 x 4000px

Tapas Webtoon Upload

Webtoon and Tapa are not the only webtoon comic publishing platforms, here are 5 Top Places to publish your webtoon!

where to publish a webcomic

What should you do next?

If you have any more questions feel free to leave a comment down below and I’d be happy to answer them!

I also have a free ebook where I cover how to make, publish and monetize a webtoon comic for beginners!

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