Another Webtoon Page Format Tip : Panel Size Issues

Another Webtoon Page Format Tip : Panel Size Issues

Webtoon panels look like one long vertical strip when really it’s just multiple images formatted at 800px by 1280px and individually uploaded online to look like one strip~

Webtoon Canva Backend

It might be a little bit of an adjustment to go from fully uploading comic pages with 6 panels to now cropping comic panels individually or in batches but that’s okay!

I first was worried that their would be a big gap if I cut my panels in half and uploaded them like that but thankfully the way webtoon is set up each cropped panel blends in seamlessly to each other!


Uploading a webtoon can be a little tricky so I hope this was helpful!❤☺️ ##lifeathome ##webtoon ##tiktokartist

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Now I can just draw 1-2 panels per webtoon page file and upload them in small batches like that.

This helps take the burden off my computer or program from dealing with a massive file and I can now zoom in and avoid that weird blurry effect that happens when working on a file size that is super long but not super wide. And added plus is that the file sizes are a lot smaller too so yay!

Webtoon Formatting tip: Keep the size short and simple

When I first read and started creating a webtoon I thought that the way they format their files was all one long page just like how traditional comic pages are made.

webtoon format advice
Traditional Comic Pages on Webtoon Platform

When I first read and started creating a webtoon I thought that the way they format their files was all one long page just like how traditional comic pages are made.

I later learned the unique way webtoon pages are formatted and that’s to cut up the page into short batched groups instead of one long page with 20 plus panels.


I’m not the smartest with my words or execution of things but I hope this helps☺️❤ ##arttips ##webtoontips

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Creating my webtoon in shorter page batches helps take the strain off of the art program that I’m using to create the webtoon page.

With Clip Studio Paint there is an export height limitation that can get a little frustration when you’ve drawn the whole long form webtoon page and now can no longer export it. So short and sweet was the answer for me!

How Many Panels Should a Webtoon have?

I saw that for Featured Webtoon artist they usually have about 35+ panels for the webtoon but I’ve also seen other genre fields have less webtoon panels so I’d say it all depends on how many panels you need to tell your story.

I personally like to do between 18-20 panels because its what my story naturally falls in and it’s what I can manage workload wise.

how to start a webtoon

Again I do recommend you keep in mind how well your program can handle long formatted file sizes when you’re creating your webtoon.

I suggest creating the file size 1600 x 4800 that way you can zoom in closely to ink in your webtoon and avoid that weird blurry effect that happens when you have your working file size at 800 instead.

My Webtoon Page Format Set-up

The only time you need to have your webtoon page format file at 800 x 1280 is when you are exporting and uploading it onto webtoon’s platform. When you’re drawing your webtoon you can have the file size double or triple that size to make drawing a lot easier.

When you export that you can go to a handy website called Croppy that will help crop your file to the webtoon file format of both Tapastic or Webtoon; it’s awesome!

Now another really good tool that I use to help me figure out where to place my panels on my webtoon page or how many panels I can fit on one file while keeping it readable is the golden rule of third guide.

You can find more information on my other blog post My Secret Webtoon Tool

webtoon panel
Webtoon Panel Tutorial

What should you do next?

If you have any more questions feel free to leave a comment down below and I’d be happy to answer them!

I also have a free ebook where I cover how to make, publish and monetize a webtoon comic for beginners!

How to make a Webtoon Guide

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  1. Hi, I was really intimidated by the idea of uploading to Webtoons – their text info on the site isn’t very helpful, so I was overwhelmed.

    Your website is EXACTLY the help I was looking for. You’re very helpful, and very straightforward with what you’re saying. I don’t really understand the golden ratio format you talk about on some other pages yet, but all your other information has been so helpful and easy to understand. Thanks so much!

    Also is it just a coincidence so much of your tutorials went up right before the Webtoons short story contest? Heehee.

    • 😭😭❤❤❤I’m so happy to see that what I wrote was helpful!! I’ve been so worried because I’m so terrible with my words but this seriously just made my day!!❤❤❤❤

      If you have any specific questions about webtoon panel placement or the golden ratio feel free to ask away and I’ll be more than happy to help!!❤❤❤

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