Webtoon Comic Canva Dimension

Webtoon Comic Canva Dimension

Webtoon Canva upload size limit is 800 px wide and 1280 px tall but I don’t draw in that size when I create my webtoon.

How I make my webtoon is I double the width and triple the length of the canva that way I can work in a larger canva without the lines looking blurry.

I have a blog post here where I share my webtoon panel format/tutorial ~

webtoon panel
Webtoon Panel Tutorial

Some webtoon artist will draw their webtoon dimension in one long page that might be 800 pixels wide and 20,000 pixels long.

So it their working canvas that they draw on tends to look like this image below where all of their panels are on one long file.

webtoon format
Webtoon Long Format

Then when they’re done they will slice the page into smaller section. The small sections are then able to be uploaded on to the webtoon platform.

Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me! Webtoon Episode 13

Then webtoons platform will automatically stack each section that was upload on top of each other in a seamless way to where it will appear like one long webtoon page when you view it online.

Do you have to draw webtoons digitally?

Nope! It’s not required to draw your webtoons digital. The only digital part that is required is when you need to publish it on LINE Webtoon, Tapas or any other webtoon comic publishing platform site.

If you’d like to see a list of other online webtoon publishing sites then I wrote a blog post about it over here~

where to publish a webcomic

Now for my traditional aspiring webtoon artist you’re probably wondering what size paper you’ll need to be working on to fit webtoons dimension format.

The conversion size of pixels to inches roughly be 8.3 inches wide and 13.3 inches long.

So I recommend using Legal size paper which is typically 8.5” by 14.0”

For International sizes then I’d recommend A1-A4 since A4 Paper size in inches is 8.3” by 11.7”

What should you do next?

If you have any more questions feel free to leave a comment down below and I’d be happy to answer them!

I also have a free ebook where I cover how to make, publish and monetize a webtoon comic for beginners!

How to make a webtoon

Also if you’re looking for a wholesome, fake marriage trope, AMBW manga webtoon to read to pass the time then you might want to check out Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me!

AMBW and BWAM manga manhwa webtoon
“Could something that began as a petty obligation turn into something genuine?”

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