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Well I’m back again with another page update. I was thinking about changing up the incentive’s every now and then. So like for Saturday-Monday I could have the rough draft preview of the next page up and then from Tuesday-Thursday I could have a short comic about my life with my three kids and husband. A lot of weird and funny things happen around me. Dealing with two three year old’s and a two year old is bound to bring funny times but on top of that me and my husband are very clueless when it comes to a lot of things.

Like when someone tells me they use to be out all night clubbing or talking on the phone or went shopping or to the movies, when they were younger or snuck out the house to play with their friends, I would in turn tell them that I only went to the library to read books…..that’s pretty much it…I’ve never been to a club or drank or smoked or snuck out the house at the middle of the night to play with my friends. My husband was pretty much the same, we were both oblivious to a lot of things when we were little so now that we are adults a lot of our family and friends laugh at us because of our lack of knowledge when it comes to common things out in the world.

Oh! Now I do remember this one incident that happened to me when I was a junior or senior in college. Every time I think back to it I laugh but during the time it had happened I was horrified. My mom might get embarrassed if I post this but I’m sure she isn’t reading my post anyways since she has yet to read all the new chapters that I posted on any of my comics -_- *It’s okay mommy* Anywhoo! So Pirates of the Caribbean was already out on DVD and I hadn’t seen it yet so I asked my mom if she could pick it up while she was out and my mom’s memory isn’t always the best, when I talk to her about comics she messes up a lot of words like for manga she called it Mango and for my comic Bottled Prince she called it the story about the princess and some bottle……so anyways she went to the story and picked up the dvd and brought it back home. For some reason I waited till the next night to put it in and when I sat down to watch it I was a little confused at first because none of the actors from the previews or commercial’s was on the movie but I thought that maybe they would show up a little later so I decided to watch it a little longer, as the movie continued to play out I started to notice how horrible the acting was and how shallow the characters where and I thought to myself “Maybe this is the wrong movie.” and then the next thing I know the two main characters we’re doing the mic’nasty together O.O I started screaming my head off in shock and for some reason I yelled “Get off of her!” and I hurried to the dvd to turn it off. I was sooo traumatized, it felt like my brain was vomiting *figure of speech but it was bad* When my mom finally came home I showed her the dvd and asked her what movie it was that I asked her to get and she says “That Pirate one why?” and I held the dvd in my hand not starting to laugh and told her it was the pirates of the Caribbean not “The Pirates” which I found out was a bad, bad Rated nasty movie. She was shocked and we both laughed and I asked her how in the world did she pick this up? Because usually they have the dirty movies in the back by the adult section *I don’t know I’m just guessing here* and she says that she just went to the p section found the dvd that had pirates and rented it and I told her that the cashier must have looked at her crazy because she was renting such a nasty movie and she laughed and said that she didn’t think anything of it. Man my mom really is hilarious and I really would like to turn memories like that into 4-koma comic strips.

I was thinking about turning some of these funny incidents in my life into incentive comic strips. My kids are just about always doing something crazy or saying something off the wall so it would be easy to draw up new stories each day or week but we will have to wait and see. Feel free to let me know you’re thoughts on this and if you are two shy to leave a comment I’ll go ahead and put up a poll asking which you prefer more, rough draft preview of the next page or switching between a short strip about funny things in my life and rough draft previews of the next page. I’ll keep the poll up for about two weeks to tally up the votes.

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