Special Two day Update ^^

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As I stated in the blog post for the new page I’m going to go ahead and update today and tomorrow. I had asked a question in the last post on what people might have thought Oriana’s reason, for not taking her cousin up on her vacation offer, was and Blackopal’s comment really made me laugh and helped brighten my like, just as many of the other comments and feedback all of you leave for me ^^, so I decided to go ahead and do a two day update because it helped put a smile on my face.

There have been a lot of issues going on during this year with family and health so things are stressful every now and again, which I’m sure a lot of you might be going through the same thing so just reading comments, no matter the size of the content or how relevant you may or may not think it is, it really helps to cheer me up so thank you everyone! Also even for those who might feel a little to shy to comment that is quite alright as well. I just really appreciate you continually checking up on my site. You matter just as much as those who leave me comments so don’t feel pressured and don’t worry. You be you 😉

I also added a new link me page and uploaded the old chapter of Love!Love!Fighting! for those who want to still mush over the old mushy version that make me blush in embarrassment because its so mushy *covers face* but I see that a lot of you really enjoy it and it makes me happy and for those who are worried that the things show in that chapter isn’t relevant don’t worry it is. I plan on having the same thing show in chapter 2-3 but just draw and executed in a better manner. So I’ll still use the same quote *which I’m shocked that I was able to come up with that, thought that is how I truly feel about that situation* and I hope everyone will be able to enjoy it more than before. This story really means a lot to me and I really want to tell it and it makes it even better when all of you enjoy it just as much as I do ^^ and I appreciate all the comments, questions and concerns some of you may have in regards to the story or chapter and don’t worry none of it is falling on death ears and I will take it into consideration *as long as it’s reasonable which just about all of the concerns have been. ^^*

Now on to other matters. This is the last week to vote in the poll stated above but so far I can clearly see what’s going to win. I didn’t think you guys would be interested in reading a comic about me and my family but I guess I was wrong O.o I’ve been so busy with my comic work that I haven’t been able to work on a secret side project that I’ve been meaning to do but if I’m able to get caught up with some back pages for Bottled Prince then I hope to be able to work on that and reveal what my surprise for my Bottled Prince comic reader’s is.

Also regarding my visual novel Curse of the Caribbean. I received the rest of the newly proofread files from Cara and I have to get them back into the code and have her play through it once more to catch anymore bugs and then I will post up the full corrected version. There should be no grammar or spelling mistakes or confusing word order in this one so for all of those who are still downloading the unedited version, I’m not sure why people still are downloading it but oh well, you will be able to download the easier to read and understand version soon so stay tuned~

I think that’s all that I had to say for now. If I end up thinking up something else then I’ll add it later to next weeks update^^

Weekly Comic Update!

May 4, 2012

Curse of the Caribbean Update~

May 4, 2012