Weekly page update Ch1-14

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Another week has gone by so quickly! Chapter 1 is now coming to a close and Chapter 2, which is the chapter a lot of you would have been waiting for, will begin the week after next^^ *YEA!*

Things have been pretty hectic over here. Now that the twins are getting older they’re getting a lot more bossy and fighting with each other. If I get up at 6 in the morning I can usually work on my comic work in peace until about 9 am then I will start hearing noise from the boy’s room. They both share a room right now so if one wakes up the other is bound to wake up right after and when both of them wake up then the little girl will wake up in a sour mood because of her noise brother arguing in the room right next to her.

I’m pretty shocked with how quick a 3 year old will lie O.O My middle child comes crying up to me holding the side of his face saying that his brother hit him, so of course I go to ask him why did he hit his brother and he in turn tells me that he, the middle child who tattle first, hit him in the eye so I turn back towards the middle child and asked him if he hit his brother in the eye and of course he shifts his little eyes to the side avoiding eye contact and starts to fidget and says no, so of course I ask him again while telling him to look at me and after a pause and a guilty look on his face he say yes to hitting him. I’m completely shocked by  how quick a toddler will lie! I remember hearing a man say that someone told him that they like children because they’re honest, well that surly doesn’t apply to my kids. They’re honest when they want to be but other times these little buggers will lie in a hot second. =.= I can’t wait till they become teenagers….*I’m being sarcastic*

I really wished I had more comicky knowledgeable things to say in my blogs but I’m either not confident enough to start teaching other people about the things that I know because I’m still learning or I really don’t have much to say. I do have a few video recordings of me working on some of the pages of chapter 2 that I would like to upload later but first I want to find a nice catchy theme song for Love!Love!Fighting!. I have an idea in mind it’s jut a little hard to find a free song that matches it and I don’t have the musical abilities to make it. ^^;

Well my stomach is hurting so that’s my Que to go get something to eat. Thank you everyone for reading my little ramble and I’ll be back next week with a new update!

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June 8, 2012

:::Weekly Update Chapter 2 begins Today:::

June 8, 2012