:::Weekly Update Chapter 2 begins Today:::

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And we’re back! It’s kind of funny to me because on Friday I had forgotten that it was Friday and I had to hurry and get back home to post up the new page, which is the first page of chapter 2 oooo~! Now the reason why I’m so excited about this chapter and so many of the others is because this will be the chapter the will show the continuation of the old one-shot chapter that a lot of you might have already read.

I’ve been getting a lot of question on whether the things in the old one-shot will still be in the new one and I can clearly say that yes, yes it will. I finally finished drawing up chapter 2 and I really can’t wait for you all to see it, of course everyone is going to have to wait…well except for those who pre-order the full volume one book once I start the kickstrater program sometime in July, I really think chapter 2 is going to take a lot of you through a roller coaster ride. I won’t say to much because I don’t want to spoil it but Chapter 2 has a total of 25 pages so in 25 weeks the full chapter 2 will be on the site *again if you pre-order the book in July you’ll be able to see it much much sooner^^* Also just to remind everyone I am moving this month and because of all of my other side work I decided to go ahead and put a hold on the mommy Diary comic strips. Please forgive me for having to do this and I truly feel sorry but trying to work on two different comics and a visual novel plus dealing with a family on top of that I can’t handle the extra work. I got ahead of my self and overly excited when I thought up of that idea to do for the incentive so for now until things settle down more I will have to put a hold on the Mommy Diary incentives but I will keep posting up the rough draft pages of next weeks comic page. I deeply do apologize and I hope this doesn’t disappoint to many of you. If it does feel free to leave a disappointed comment and I can read over it quietly cry to myself in shame…just kidding but I probably will be sad if you do.
Visual Novel Update Info:
Anyways in other news~ As some of you might know I also have my visual novel Curse of the Caribbean under works and it still is under the axe and grind and once July and August hits I’ll be able to start posting up updates on the progress of the interactive novel so please be patient with me. It takes a lot of work and time to do art, writing, and coding and since I am only one person with many other side jobs and responsibility I can’t move as quickly as those who have a group of people helping them, now I do have my editor Cara helping me with proofreading and correcting my writing and I’m sure she’s probably wondering what is taking me so long but I can promise that you guys will be see more productive blog post about the development of the visual novel in a moments time so I really appreciate you all baring with me and waiting. I just wanted to let you all know that it’s still alive and kicking.

Since the rest of the month is going to be super busy for me with the move I can’t really wrap my mind around all that I wanted to talk about today but once we get settled into our new home then I will be able to sit down and type a more informative post. Until now come back next week to read the page 2 of chapter 2. Thank you for stopping by!


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June 23, 2012

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June 23, 2012