Weekly Update *visual novel and kickstarter info*~


Well things have really taken off a lot faster than I expected for the kickstarter campaign. I wanted to thank all of you for showing your support in this, whether it’s from spreading the word about the kickstarter or even placing a preorder, you all are amazing for helping me! I really appreciate it and I plan on doing a livestream of me working on the illustration prints for the kickstarter once I have a finalize draft done. My plan is to have it food based illustration because right now that’s the main thing giving me idea’s. I love yummy looking food and I want to draw Oriana in a cute food inspired outfit. Like a puffy dress with cupcakes and swirls or a cookie umbrella or something creative like that. I love food!~ * ahem * but I will make that announcement on Kickstarter once the idea is finalized.

Now on to something else that a lot of you have been waiting for..*drum roll please*

Visual Novel Update:
I was thinking about making a schedule to start doing livestreams but my computer is giving me so much issues with it being overloaded when I try to livestream so it looks like I’ll have to put a cap on that but I can at least show image previews of the are progress. I talked over the schedule with my editor Cara and if things go according to plan then I hope to at least have one of the new routes up for beta testing.

Once I have things more finalized then I can give you all a better and more detailed update. It’s best to pace myself for now so I can put my best foot forward and make quality work so I really appreciate all of you sticking with us and waiting for the release of the full version. I will continue to keep you updated on things now that I have the buffer of Love! Love! Fighting! finished.

I guess this wasn’t much of an update for the visual novel but if I am able to get the livestream to work correctly then please keep your eyes peeled for the livestream post or link 😀

Kickstarter movie finished ^^; *Plus preview link added*

August 4, 2012

Visual Novel Update! Rough Draft Sprite images

August 4, 2012