Visual Novel Update! Rough Draft Sprite images

Well I’m happy to say that I finally settled on some new rough draft designs of Desireã, Gee-Gee Ma and Tristan for my Visual Novel “Curse of the Caribbean” I went ahead and got a new dress for Desireã but she’s still her wide eyed clumsy, semi-spoiled self. For Gee-Gee Ma I wanted her to of course look old but also have a certain distinct beauty about her or distinct air or which ever it is. With Tristan I wanted her to have pretty almond eyes and more matured features then Desireã since she is older than her and I wanted to show her personality a bit in her expression. She’s really annoyed by Desireã because she’s so childish and acts spoiled. She takes away the spotlight from Desireã just to make her mad and show her that she needs to grow up. So do expect some character development for Desireã in the visual novel!

So here are the rough draft sketches. Of course you might not be able to see everything that well but I wanted to show that progress is being made and hopefully I can get finished with these sprites and move on to the next set of sprites but please keep in mind that I still have another set of poses and a tone of different expressions that I have to make for each sprite or else people will complain about it looking boring and stiff. If you want semi-exciting and semi-lively sprites then it’s going to take me more time to finish everything so please bare with me ^^ At times like this I wish I had more arms and another brain….or at least a body that never got sick or tired or bored from staring at the screen to long.

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August 5, 2012

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August 5, 2012