Weekly Update Visual novel word count

I’m back with another word count and visual novel update:


The game contains 1,251 screens of dialogue.
These screens contain a total of 16,468 words,
for an average of 13.2 words per screen.
The game contains 9 menus.

I also made a check list of the things that I need to finish before I can start doing the graphics of the visual novel:

  • Learn gallery code-*I’ll be trying to tackle that today TT^TT me and codes really don’t get along though so we’ll see what happens~
  • Learn Day display code- Finished yea!
  • Map out event’s per day- Finished

There are still a lot of other task that I need to do but for now I’ll just post up these few that have been done this week and things that I plan on finishing up for this weeks workload deadline.
Next week I have to start typing up the new added path for the first arch of the game then if I finish in time I can get started on the second arc that same week. The second arch might take me a few weeks since the whole demo it’s self took me that whole month on top of my work with Bottled Prince, and Love! Love! Fighting! so hopefully this time around things should go a lot smoother with the script.

Other than that there isn’t much of anything else I have to say…or I just totally forgot what I was going to say. I do plan on putting up an image gallery in my portfolio link so that I can start uploading my random illustrations that I do just for fun or practice or work.

Also before I forget it doesn’t look like the kickstarter is going to meet it’s deadline, which is totally okay, it gives me a better insight of my work and way of approaching things so I’ll keep working hard to improve at my art and storytelling. I can’t say that I’m feeling on top of the world right now because I’ve got the artist mumps and feel like I haven’t been improving at the pace that I want to improve at and don’t know the things I should know or understand the things that I feel I should understand but I’ve had this feeling before so it’s nothing that I can’t get over with time. I think when you’re feeling a little down the small things with your art tends to stand out really big and make you feel like you’ll never get better and that you’re not where you want to be with your art but you’re  stuck because you can’t seem to get you’re hands or mind to express the style or things you have in your head. I’m sure a lot of you other artist out there have gone through something like this so we’re all not alone in this mental art struggle

The one thing I don’t want is for any of you kind readers out there to feel sad or guilty about how the situation turned out. I expected this much to happen when I first started out so it’s not a big issue at all, I’d thought that I would give it a try either way to see what happens ^^. You all have been continuously helping me with you’re comments, votes and sharing so don’t feel like you’ve done nothing to help or that you’ve could have done more because you guys are all doing enough just by being here! If I didn’t see so many people coming to the site daily, even though updates are on Friday, then I would probably start thinking that maybe I should change my direction but don’t worry I’m not going to stop the story, you’ve all been coming back to the site and that help’s to show me that all of my time, blood, sweat and tears over my work isn’t in vain. So with that I’m going to get back to work and once I get this visual novel finished I might start thinking about increasing the update day’s. It all depends though^^



Weekly Update *Visual novel Word Count*

August 24, 2012

Weekly Update *Visual novel Script Done*

August 24, 2012