Happy 1 Year Anniversary!! + Raffle time!

I am a tiny bit late on this but that is because of a side project that I was doing that kind of held me back, for those of you who would be interested in reading through an interactive fluffy, romantic story that will hopefully leave you with a happy fluffy giddy feeling then please check out my sister site S.K.Y. Art and Design and download my story A Troll’s Love Story ^^ I’ve had a lot of fun making it and if you’d like to read something light hearted and fun then please check out my little visual novel for Nanoreno 2013 <3

Now as you can already see I have updated the website layout as a special surprise for S-Morishita Studio’s 1 Year Anniversary! *YAYYYYY!!!* I also want to especially thank all of you who stopped by and congratulated me as well ^^ I was so warn out from all my work that I wasn’t able to do anything special on that day but I was glad to have been able to do something today =D What do you all think of the new layout? I plan on trying to keep up with more Mommy Diary Comic strips.

Also on other new. I have moved the site off of Comic Press and over to Comic Easel. This move will make is so that I can update more than one time a day and without the site looking weird when I do that ^^ I’m sure a lot of you will be happy about that so keep you eye peeled for special updates!

Now after having thought about this I was planning on doing a Fan art contest for my dear readers to get a chance to win there own copy of Volume 1 of Love! Love! Fighting! plus one acrylic (you choose your favorite) key chains and 2 bookmarks but seeing how random and tough life can be sometimes I decided against that because something might come up hindering someone who might want to participate but can’t or I might not be able to give my full attention to each entry because of another death in the family *which actually happened this year =_=* so I’ll hold off on the fan art contest for another time and for now I shall just do a good old Raffle drawing! The name of the game is that all you have to do in order to enter is either:

  • Answer a question *In this blog post*:

    What do you like about the story?

It’s a pretty simple raffle ^^ and since the site is so young I don’t expect that big of a turn around so for those of you interested in winning those prizes, which I shall post below <3 then feel free to answer that simple question in this blog post and I will pick the winner. If I have a hard time deciding then I might need to have an outside source help me *my husband ^^; I’m going to drag him into the hole that I am digging for myself =D* The Raffle will end May 5th so try not to forget ^^

Prizes to be won:

1 Comic book | LLF Vol 01
1x Bookmark
1x 2” LLF acrylic keychain (you choose your favorite)

And here are some pretty pictures of the charms that I took with my phone and edited with my laptop =^^=


..::March Madness ::..Questionnaire deadline April 1

April 6, 2013

No Updates Today (Ω_Ω)Sick Family~

April 6, 2013

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  1. Yay, I found some time to respond finally~!
    ——-Edited by Author Thank you so much! I’ve added you to the list of entries <3-------

    P.S. Sorry for the wordy and slightly tangential response. I do plan on writing a longer review on the comic and another review for A Troll's Love Story, which I played all the way through and enjoyed immensely. :] Hope you and your family are now recovered!

    • Thank you so much for playing through the story ^^ I’m really glad you enjoyed it! I’ve also added you to the list of raffle entries. Thank you for entering!

  2. ——–hidden by author ^^ Thank you Lina~ I’ve added your answer to my files`———–

    • Thank you Lina ^^ You’ve been added to my list of entries! *Good timing too ^^*

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