..::March Madness ::..Questionnaire deadline April 1

..::March Madness ::..Questionnaire deadline April 1

The month of March is definitely a very busy month for me, just like it was last year as well. For this year’s march I have to finish getting the rest of volume one draw up and off to the printers at least by the second or third week of April for the comic convention in May, which by the way I am still so excited about!!! I also have a few more designs that I need to finish up for some new bookmarks. I was thinking about doing buttons but I’ll hold off from that and just stick to the bookmarks and cellphone or key-chain charms. Which by the way I have the designs for the charms already off to the printers to be created! Here’s a sample of what they look like. Hopefully I’ll be able to sell them at the con and if I don’t then I can always put it up on my online store to those of my dearest readers who might be interested in some cute Love! Love! Fighting! art work.


Once I have them back from the printers as well as the bookmarks I wanted to go ahead and hold a little raffle but I started to change my mind on that and now I’m thinking about possibly holding a fan art contest instead. There’s a very curious part of me that wonders what everyone would come up with and another part of me that feels that it might be too much of a burden for my readers to want to do to win these items so I guess right now the choice is kind of up in the air. For those of you who want to have a contest let me know in the comment section below, for those of you who want to have a raffle (which in order for you to enter into the raffle you would have to post up a link or blog post telling others about my site and show me the link to where you made the post and then you can have a chance to be entered into the raffle drawing.) let me know also in the comment section below.
Now the prize that are up for the win have changed. I did want to make my custom notebook with colorful stationary paper inside but I can’t seem to find a good printer for the type of notebook that I want printed so I had to put that idea on hold and also my button idea but I’ll go ahead and list the prizes that you can win below:

  • 1 copy of Love! Love! Fighting! Volume 1 *A total of 6 chapters include plus side narrative from the cast.*
  • 2 of the key-chain/cellphone charms
  • 1 bookmark
  • 2 art prints *The first print is the winter drawing that I did of Oriana and Jae-hwa, which you can see in my portfolio and the second will be revealed soon.*

Also before I forget *again* I wanted to let everyone know that the deadline to turn in the questions that you have for which ever one of the cast from the comic should be turned in to me by April 1. That will also be the day that I announce the either raffle or contest and it will last for one month and I will then announce the winners in early may, close to the time that I finish up my first 3 day comic convention.

And as one last note, please do expect a big old mushy 1 year anniversary blog post in April because I am so touched and grateful for all of you who stayed with me this long even though I’ve made so many mistakes in my art and storytelling and still have a long way to go. None of you have to all the kind things that you’ve already done for me, like leaving comments and even being willing to read my work but I really REALLY appreciate that you do. I’ll go ahead and stop right here for now before I start getting too sentimental on the wrong day and I’ll be back with another update with pictures of the printed charms hopefully by next weeks comic update.

Doing better now~ Thank you Everyone~ ::Video's up::

March 1, 2013

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!! + Raffle time!

March 1, 2013

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  1. Wow, time flies! 😀 I think either a raffle or fanart contest would be cool. Good luck on your trip to the convention too! ^.^

  2. A fanart contest would be cool 😀

  3. Fan art contest sounds exciting! It will also get you more out there!

  4. Has it almost been 1 year already? Man time flies fast. Personally what ever you decide to do I’ll enter if you make it a fan art contest. If not then I won’t be sad. *would make fanart anyway even though shes being a lazy butt*

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