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I felt like being nice today and since I wasn’t able to do any special update for the one year anniversary and ended up starting the Raffle a few days late *for those of you who are interested in find out more information on the 1 year anniversary Raffle feel free to click this link right here~*
So I went ahead and did a special 4 page update today. I did all of these pages today so it took me a little longer to get them posted up but I also didn’t want to make all of my faithful readers have to wait 4 weeks to find out what happens so  here you go! <3 I hope everyone was able to enjoy this chapter so far. It’s been so much fun reading all of your comments! They really helped brighten up my day while I continue to stay piled under all of this work.

For those of you who might be interested in know what I’ve been doing for the last few months I’ll go ahead and try to break it down in a list format:


  • Nanoreno * Finish a visual novel game within a month*
    -wrote a story that was over 55,000 words
    -created and altered over 100 piece of artwork for the game, ie emotions and settings and such
    -searched for music to go with the game.
    -Worked on coding for the game and battled with the bugs in the codes.
    -Tried my best at proofreading then caved in and asked for help to proofread and found someone who’s still helping me even now ^^
    -My Aunt died…..
    -Started working on Chapters 4 and 5 for the printed volume 1 of Love! Love! Fighting!


  • End of Nanoreno and released the game *Received so much positive feedback and some negative feedback but I am grateful for the positive feedback ^^*
    -Got very sick
    -Still continued working on the comic work for the printers
    -New illustrations need to be done for the Nanoreno game.
    -The game has to be re-proofread.
    -Ended up in urgent care.
    -Ended up in the ER.
    -Kids grew sick and I got sick all over again.
    -Fell behind on my comic work for my deadline for the printers.
    -Started getting stressed out and frustrated by unwanted negative remarks and began getting frustrated with my artist abilities or lack there of.
    -Continued working on the comic for the printers.
    -Just finished getting all 110+ pages texted
    -Must now tone in about 40+ pages and the a few extra content pages + cover then send it to the printers-Must not forget to proofread everything before sending it to the printers.


  • Anime-Zing
    -Send out raffle prizes.
    -Work on the rest of the illustrations for the game.
    -Re-code the new parts of the extra content of the game.
    -Pass out until the relaunch date of the New version of the game.
    -Take a short break.

This kind of sums up what I’ve done, what has happened and what I’ve kind of felt like these last few months. It’s been pretty stressful and I have to admit that a lot of times when I get stressed my art is really effected by it. I start to lose confidence in my abilities and I feel like everything that I’ve been doing has all just been a waste but I can’t quite now and I don’t plan on quitting just yet. I’ve had to deal with a few negative things but I’ve come to realize something and it’s really helped settled me down. I’m the artist, I’m the creator of my comic, I’m the one that’s doing all of the work and I have a story that I want to tell. Not everyone is going to like it, not everyone is going to care and not everyone is going to like the way that I go about handling it. Some people might criticize me about the sketchiness of my lines or the lack of detail in my backgrounds and I could go on to defend myself and tell them my reasons why my lines might have been really sketchy on that page or at that point or why my background aren’t filled with so much detail but I’ve decided that I’m not going to do that.

I’ve come to the understanding that when I’m drawing, my main focus isn’t for my readers to see the details in the backgrounds or to notice how crisp and clean the lines are. My main focus is to tell my story and I feel that the process that I am taking to tell my story, with my sketchy lines and faint backgrounds works just fine for me. I’ve been able to keep up with my buffer and keep my site up and alive for over a year. After so many trails and errors I’ve come to realize that I’m just not one of those artist who can put extra amounts of detail into their backgrounds and in their lines. My mind just doesn’t work like that and I have a hard time staying focus but I’ve learned that they way that I do things now is what works best and I’m happy with that.

Having this mind set has really helped me come to terms with a lot of things and has helped me fight off my comics block. I can’t let a few negative comments get me down. Of course I’m human and still love reading positive and constructive comments but if the comment is nothing but negative trash that I can’t find anything helpful from it then I don’t need to let myself be bothered with that. Now I might look back at this post and have something different to say because I’m not sure what else I might learn in the future but right now I’m learning how not to let hateful and unhelpful comments hold me down. I’m going to be myself and keep doing what I’m doing because this is my work that I’m doing with my two hands and I really enjoy doing it too, also a large majority of my regular readers have really helped make this solo journey into comic land an enjoyable one too.

Which is another reason why I did a 4 page update because seriously you guys are really amazing!! I truly appreciate just how understanding and patient you all are with me even though I can seem a bit testy at times and get sick often but you all are still so kind to leave me encouraging comments and kind words ^^ After moving on from Mangamagazine.net I felt like my work wouldn’t be noticed by anyone for a really long time or even if it was noticed I wouldn’t be able to communicate with anyone until I started to get better at drawing but thankfully you all reached out to me even at the level that I’m at right now in my art Q^Q Thank you so much! Like seriously, I sit here and feel so unworthy but I truly appreciate it so much <3

I did have my doubts about the move from Mangamagazine but I knew that this was something that needed to be done because the path that I was going wasn’t the one that I wanted. Of course Mangamagazine.net offered a great opportunity to starving comic artist and I continue to usher other aspiring comic artist over their way as well but for me and the dream that I have in my mind I want to take a different route. Some of you might be curious what my dream is because so far it’s said that every comic artist dream is that they can make a living off of their comic…..well for me it’s kind of different. I can’t say that I don’t want to make a living but I can’t say that I do want to make a living…..If that makes any sense at all. I can’t really explain it the best possible way right now because I’m still trying to find the answer/path but when I do finally find the answer to what it is that I’m actually trying to do with my work and where I’m trying to go with S-Morishita Studio’s and S.K.Y. Art and Designs then I’ll be sure to post up a blog about that but until then I’ll just keep making comics and selling a few things every now and then when they get in stock for those who might be interested ^^

Thank you all for your kind support and please forgive my little rant/ramble but I had to get that off my chest and I hope that I didn’t scare to many of you away. I really hope there aren’t to many misspelled words in this post Q^Q

Quick update <3

April 20, 2013

Chapter 4 Pgae 1 Updated!

April 20, 2013

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  1. I’m really happy that you’re doing your own thing. Everyone’s style is different; simply following the norm is not something that’s required. Your style is unique and it enhances the story you wish to tell. Being like every other comic isn’t why I read Love!Love! Fighting. I read it because it’s fun, different, beautifully drawn, and WHO doesn’t love Oriana and Jae-Hwa?! You’ll improve on what you lack in time and determine your own take on what goes in your comic. It’s not anyone else’s decision but your own. I’m rooting for you all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It’s really comforting to know that you enjoy reading Love! Love! Fighting! ^^ Thank you so much Mimg for cheering me on <3

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