Chapter 4 Pgae 1 Updated!

Page 1 of Chapter 4 is now up and ready <3 I really wanted to post up a Mommy Diary comic strip today but one of my toddlers seem to have caught another stomach bug *I’m also dealing with something myself but I’m sure it’s nothing a little pink medicine can’t handle…hopefully* The Mommy Diary comic strip for today was going to cover some of the silly antics that me and my sisters went through while we all went out and swam together for a little while, mind you I hadn’t swam in a very long time maybe over ten years so I was really rusty at it so I have a few funny comic strips to draw about my adventures with getting myself back use to the water and learning how to swim again. It was a lot of fun playing in the water again like that ^^ The first day I tried working on learning how to swim again, the next time I started doing a few tricks that I use to do in the past,like handstands under water while touching your toes together all pretty like, which was funny in an of itself because in your head you think you look one way but then you actually look the opposite and it’s so funny! We also did back spins and forward spins in the water and I even did something that I never really thought I would be able to do since I half way drowned last time; I actually dived in the water…..well it was more like I attempted at a dive but it probably looked more like a big old panda bear jumping in the water but I still did it =D and it was so much fun! We were like  plus size mermaids! We just have to work on our grace a little more so I guess it’s more like two of my sisters look more like mermaids while me and my other sister look kind of like clumsy polar bears but it’s a step up from drowning pandas =D *Its fun having sisters who are the same size as you swimming with you because you can all tease and poke fun at each other and laugh and just enjoy one another company without feeling inferior to the other.*

So expect to be seeing some of the Mommy Dairy *or is it Diary* comic strips covering that really soon. Now that I have the proof approved and sent to the printers I’m just waiting to hopefully get them back in time for Anime-zing Q^Q I think the stress from it all has kind of messed with my health too but I plan on taking a break and swimming that off tonight with my sisters again.

Anyways what are some of the fun activities or favorite pass time that you all like to do with your family or friends? Just something to interactive it doesn’t have to be swimming it could be playing ping-pong *which I love too XD* or shopping *LOVE!* or video games *double LOVE* If some of you were to ask Oriana what she’d like to do she’d say kickboxing *which I also had a lot of fun doing that too during my sophomore year of high school. It was such a great way to let out so much anger and rage that I had pent up inside “Hit them in the face ‘POW POW’ Make them hit the ground!”…..I had some issues back then but I’m better now…thought it seems to be showing through Oriana but let’s not think to much on that :3*



4 Page Update ~

April 26, 2013

**Anime-Zing 2013 recap and Raffel Winner**

April 26, 2013

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  1. Ps love ur comics too:-&

  2. Hey shayrean, I love swimming too but I haven’t done it in awhile . I’m kinda on the heavier side too, I just hide it well. My birthday wad yesterday, I turned 18 and completely decided I’m not gonna let what other people think of me influence who I am. Love u lots reanie~

    • Hey Ivana! Happy belated Birthday! My main goal is to be healthy again, I don’t want to have anymore of these headachs and bowel issues so hopefully me moving around a little more will help that. So far I’m still having some really bad issues with both but at least I’m having a lot of fun swimming so I’ll probably keep on swimming even after the headach’s go away ^^
      Thank you for leaving me a comment! I didn’t know your birthday was yesterday! You’re so old now hee hee hee XD *Even though I’m older than you but still your so old~*

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