5 Top Webtoon Background Programs

5 Top Webtoon Background Programs

5 of the top Webtoon background programs that Digital Webtoon Comic artist use are Clara.io, ACON3D, Sketchup, Clip Studio Paint assets and Home Design 3D~

Here is my video breaking down how I make my webtoon backgrounds using Clip Studio Paint EX free 3D models

  • Sketchup – Is one of the most popular apps that webtoon artist use to build their 3D backgrounds from scratch but it does have a steep learning curve but it’s still very useful and popular
SketchUp 3D Modeling tool
  • Clara.io – Is a great free alternative to Sketchup because not only can you use them to make 3D model webtoon backgrounds on your mobile tablets but you can also export .stl files to .obj or .fbx files for free unlike in the sketchup free version
Yuumei 3D Background Tutorial
  • Clip Studio Paint 3D Model Assets – They have lots of 3D backgrounds that are already put together for you to just drag and drop into your webtoon and you can also use the persective tool feature if you want to add more details that keep to the perspective of the 3D asset~
Clip Studio Paint 3D Background Assets
  • ACON3D – Also has a lot of Webtoon centric 3D Backgrounds that they have available for webtoon comic creators to use but keep in mind that their 3D file format is .skp which can be used within Sketchup
ACON3D Webtoon Background
  • Home Design 3D – Now I know this app is used for interior design purposes but I also like to use it to quickly design interior background for home scenes for my comic. It allows you to save it as a jpg and then I can import it into whatever art program I use (like ibispaint or clip studio paint) and paint over it to turn it into a webtoon background~
Home Design 3D for Webtoon Background

What I also like about Home Design is that you can use it on your desktop and on mobile to make webtoon backgrounds quick and easy!

I have a blog post how I use color balance and layer effects to quickly turn a 3D background or image into my webtoon backgrounds~

How I make my webtoon backgrounds

These are great programs to use to create your webtoon comic backgrounds if you can’t draw backgrounds or want to be as time efficient as possible to create backgrounds quickly~

Being on a weekly or monthly deadline you will have to have a lot of time management and finding places to help save on time is a must for us webtoon artist comic creators~

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how to start a webtoon
How to Start a Webtoon

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