Anime Expo 2014! and Family Reunion!

anime-expoHi everyone! Just like the title says I will be attending Anime Expo 2014. I will be tabling at K-22. I’m super nervous and super excited. I plan on mostly focusing on showcasing the comic book but I will bring a few prints along as well, so for those of you who want to avoid the shipping cost when you order the books online feel free to stop by my table and say hi and pick up a book or commission me to draw you a picture <3 I will have volume 1 book available, bookmarks, keychains, and sticker sheets. This is my first time flying with this much luggage but I hope and pray for the best ^^ I will try my best to update the comic during this week but if I can’t then I will make sure to take lots of pictures so that I can do some fun blog post updates for you all!

Now onto other news, I just recently cam back from a family reunion and visiting my Grandma to say Happy Birthday. We recently lost two of our grandmother’s within months of each other and I wanted to make sure that I saw my Great-Grandmother and Grandma Vesey as much as I could. I’m grateful to GOD that I can still have my Grandmothers in my life. My Great-Grandmother is 90 and she will be turning 91 this year and my Grandma Vesey just turned 79 a few days ago. They are both such strong and amazing women and so beautiful, I love them to pieces.

When my mom and the three of my sisters were going through life transitions my Grandma Vesey raised us and she can cook her booty off! Just when we were down there she was cooking breakfast and her rice has always been sooooo yummy, I don’t know how she can make rice taste so good and I’ve never been able to make my rice taste the way she makes her taste, I was having happy memory flashbacks of me and my sister and cousins eating at the table and playing outside and getting yelled at by our aunts and Grandma to stop opening the screen door XD I do my best to learn what I can from her with her cooking but it must be a natural talent because my Grandma Vesey doesn’t measure her ingredients, her finger tips are her measuring tools and the food is just AMAZING! Don’t let her age fool you, she will still pass out licks if you get out of line or crazy but she is such a kind-hearted and sweet person, I’m so grateful to have her in my life!

Me and my Grandma Vesey

Now my Great-Grandma will be turning 91 this year and she is still very active, she is the Captain of her Bridge club and still enjoys her bowling and playing her domino’s. I remember her teaching me how to play but it was just too much math for me so I would end up trying my best to pretend like I knew what I was doing because I loved seeing her happy face. I still remember the fun we would have when we would stay over at her house and the yummy breakfast meals she would make. I finally got the big family recipe cook books that have been passed down within my mother’s side of the family and I plan on keeping it hid from my sisters and keep it all to myself Mwahahaha! (I’m an adult and it took me 20+ years to get my hands on those books so there ;p) I also learned so much from my Great-Grandmother and I still remember the stories she use to tell me when she was a nurse working overseas in the war and she would teach me different housekeeping and cooking tips. I love showering both my Grandmothers with kisses and affection because they are just so precious to me!

Me and my Great-Grandmother

I was also to take some pictures of our Family Reunion Trip. We went to BlackBerry Farm and it was so much fun! I saw animals and fed a goat and it let me pet it and then I saw some pigs that kept passing gas but they were still cute. I also saw a big old chubby turkey but I was too scared to get any closer because it had it’s wings puffed up and stuff so I was like “nope…” I then went on a fun train ride with my cousins and they had a good laugh at my expense because after the train went through a tunnel, a man wearing a pink shirt in front of us had a big old bug on his back. That thing wasn’t there when we first went into the tunnel but it was there when we came out and I freaked. I was trying to tell my little cousins to get it off his back but they of course didn’t do anything and even when the guy got off the train and a woman was standing right behind him they didn’t seem to notice it and all I could do was look horrified while pointing at his back trying to get her to notice it to help the man (I don’t do too well talking to strangers ^^;) but then that bug flew off his back and right towards a poll that was right beside me! So do you want to know what I did? That’s right! I jumped out of that bus right quick and moved far away as possible. Mind you all of my cousins were just laughing and laughing. It was a lot of fun but I decided to stay at the gathering area to avoid anymore crazy demon looking bugs coming after me ^^; I can’t wait till the next family reunion!

Also just for those that might be a little confused, my Grandma Vesey is my Dad’s mom and my Great-Grandma is my mom’s Grandmother (Grandma Daye’s Mother) I was happy to also learn a little more about our family history. On my Grandma Vesey’s side I learned that there were three brothers who’s last names were spelled wrong (they had a thick Mississippi accent) so there are three different spellings of the Vesey name but we are all the same family. I remember back in high school seeing the name Denmark Vesey in our history books and I was so excited because I finally got to see a piece of our past in history books so I told the history teacher that he was one of my ancestors….my timing was a little off because as we continued to go over the lesson I then learned that he had started a revolt with the slaves during that time and gave them arms to take up and fight….I got a few weird looks from the students and my teacher in my class that day…..but it was still nice to know a little more of my history, it makes me sad to think that my history is lost or hidden away.

On my Great-Grandmother’s side I found out that this side of the family started by a man name Monroe-Davis. Since I just learned of him a few day’s ago I still have a lot more research to do but apparently his father was white and his mother was mixed (light skinned with something else I’m not sure) so that’s why just about all of the people on my mother’s side of the family is so light skinned. I still have a lot more to learn about my mother’s side of the family tree since this is my first time learning about all of this but it was still a lot of fun ^^ For those of you who would like to see some of the pictures from the trip I uploaded some of them below ^^

Also I just received my next circle lens package so if you enjoyed last weeks circle lens update I’ll be posting up another one very soon.

Now I think that’s all that I needed to cover. For those of you going to Anime Iowa (which is at the end of this month) I will have copies of Volume 2 of Love! Love! Fighting! available. I’ll post up more information about where my table might be once they send that info out. Until then~ Bye~~

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June 30, 2014

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June 30, 2014

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  1. Light skin Davis’ from the south? You may be kin to my husband if you have family in Chicago!

    • We might be! If he knows any Vesey ‘ s, Clark’s, Daye ‘ s or Monroe-davis then that might super duper increase the odds. On the Vesey side alone it’s really large. That would be so cool!

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